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Changes on the horizon

It’s a fresh new year, and it even looks like one, with that blanket of freshly fallen snow, which just keeps on falling, endlessly, out of the sky.

The year’s been good so far. I went cross-country skiing on New Year’s Day, just for half an hour around the Experimental Farm, and it was lovely. Then I went over to GC’s house and worked on a jigsaw puzzle for a couple of hours. We’re doing a Gustav Klimt painting, which means a thousand pieces of greens and blues. We’re hoping The Dog doesn’t eat any pieces this time.

Saturday GC headed off to Montreal and I met up with Mudmama, Papa Pan, Sprout, XUP and XUP Jr at Irene’s Pub for the open stage. Papa Pan played a set, and he sang a song he wrote the night before. It was called Zoom Zoom! I was honoured. They headed back to the Maritimes on Sunday morning – into the eye of the ferocious blizzard raging out there. I haven’t heard if they’re safely home yet.

Central Park Hoodie, blocked

Central Park Hoodie, blocked

I started knitting the Baltic Sea Stole, since all my socks are on sick leave still. It’s my first attempt at lace knitting. I have no illusions that I’ll ever finish it, but I had to at least start it. I also blocked the Central Park Hoodie.

A fresh new year. Everybody’s headed back to work and I guess it’s time for me to start thinking seriously about how I’m going to support myself. I’ve registered for an eight-day course starting February first, which will help me assess my skills and explore my career options. It’s through Northern Lights/Employment Ottawa. I get to do all those aptitude and interest tests. I love those things.

Apparently I don’t qualify for a Second Career retraining allowance, though, because I haven’t been actively job-hunting since I got laid off. I explained that I had 118 medical appointments and three surgeries in the nine months since my layoff, and the employment counselor was sympathetic, but Rules are Rules.

Rules are Rules. Hmph. That’s right up there with Zero Tolerance policies. A substitute for thinking. A way to ensure your employees have no power to use their judgment. A way to be officially obtuse.

Ah well. You never know what’s around the next corner. I have a feeling it’s going to be an interesting year, career-wise. It’s time not just for a new job, but a whole new career. After 18 years in my old job, I was stuck in a rut. A comfortable rut, to be sure, but a rut nonetheless. I was definitely overdue for a change, and sometimes you need to have change foisted upon you.

I’m curious to find out where it takes me.

8 comments to Changes on the horizon

  • Lala

    Can you drop me an email telling me what you want to do/what your experience is? I need to replace myself at my current job.

  • grace

    I note that Duncan is missing from the CPH photo. Oh, and watch out for the pin on the floor . . .

  • “Rules are rules” This translates into “What would happen if everyone did this”, and that always translates into, we think the organization is more important than the people it is supposed to help.
    A pox on mealy mouthed bureaucrats everywhere.

  • Em

    I’m sure you’ll get something really soon – even blogging about it is bound to help, what with connections and all.

    Can’t wait to see the completed sweater! I think I found this blog because of our knitting/Ottawa connection, and it takes me back. šŸ˜‰

  • Lisa in Toronto

    I wonder if you should try calling your MP to ask about these “rules”?
    You seem to me, a regular Canadian taxpayer, as exactly the person who should qualify for re-training. We need your experience (possibly auditing retraining program rules!)
    best regards
    Lisa R-R

  • I’m a little late to the party, but I’d be interested to know if you ended up doing the Northern Lights thing, and how it went. I keep meaning to take that route, but not actually living in Ottawa at the moment–thanks, recession–I’d like to get an impression before I attempt the 1.5 hour drive. I wouldn’t bother, but Pembroke and area’s got nothing.

  • I just made an appointment and went in. The employment counselor reviewed my situation (eg education, employment history, resume, etc.) and referred me for the 8-day assessment program (COPE). My session starts on Feb 1, so I don’t know yet how useful it will be – but I’ll definitely blog about it.

    I used to have a boyfriend from Pembroke, and I remember it as a town with very few opportunities.

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