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It’s been a year

This is a rather significant anniversary week for me. A year ago on Tuesday the lump in my breast was discovered. (I didn’t start blogging about it until May, when it was officially diagnosed, but it was a year ago I learned I might have cancer.) A year ago tomorrow I lost my job of […]

I'm unsuitable

Remember I was thinking about doing the Social Service Worker program at Algonquin? Well, it seems I’m ineligible for funding for retraining from the government. Actually, that’s not quite accurate – I’m eligible, but I’m not suitable.

It seems the Second Career program has three levels of assessment to determine whether someone qualifies to receive […]

Public speaking and grown up lady shoes

Have I ever told you I have a phobia about public speaking? I’m pretty laid back and easy-going about most things, but the prospect of public speaking provokes intense anxiety in me, and that anxiety just keeps intensifying as the date and the moment get closer. By the time I’m actually speaking, I’m extremely stressed, […]

Tinker, tailor, epidemiologist, sailor

Day 1 of the COPE program was interesting. We did personality tests (results on Day 2) and some career interest tests from a website called Career Cruising. (Sadly, it’s password-protected and I’m not allowed to give you the password, otherwise we could all take the test and compare notes.)

Career Cruising asks a series of questions […]

Eight days to my Career Action Plan

This is what I’m doing for the next eight days:

COPE (Career Orientation Pathways for Employment)

The COPE (Career Orientation Pathways for Employment) Workshop is an interactive 8 day Career Decision Making Workshop to assist participants in determining the next “step” of their career pathway.

Participants have the opportunity for hands-on career exploration in
relation to current labour market […]

Changes on the horizon

It’s a fresh new year, and it even looks like one, with that blanket of freshly fallen snow, which just keeps on falling, endlessly, out of the sky.

The year’s been good so far. I went cross-country skiing on New Year’s Day, just for half an hour around the Experimental Farm, and it was lovely. Then […]