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Insite survives Conservative ideology attack

Good news – the BC Court of Appeals ruled against the federal government in favour of Insite’s constitutional right to exist. Not only that, but the Court of Appeals also tackled the jurisdictional issue, and determined that Insite is a provincial matter, not a federal one.

There’s still a possibility that the feds will appeal this decision to the Supreme Court of Canada, but hopefully they will just back off and leave Insite alone so it can focus on its work of providing health care to drug addicts rather than on its constitutional validity.

5 comments to Insite survives Conservative ideology attack

  • I cheered for this one too. I have followed your posts on addictions and safe injection sites and I just cannot fathom the conservative viewpoint.

  • fuzzpedals

    Yay! sounds of celebration from/for the Downtown Eastside!

  • reb

    I want to see InSite duplicated all over Canada.

    It amazed me for years that nicotine and alcohol have had legal venues to socialize while over consuming them. When I was younger Cigar clubs used to even be a status thing.

    I never did get the pleasure in nicotine products and while I did drink on occasion it was not hard to give this up when I started practicing my faith.

    I am lucky that chocolate is a societally acceptable addiction and I cannot imagine how hard it must be to deal with societal bias AND addiction struggles.

  • Zoom. Harperites? Old Ontario Harrisites? Defending an irrational ideological position, longer than makes any Common Senseā„¢ at all…?

    I, too, hope a Supreme Court challenge is a non-starter, but past experience suggests we, ummm, may want to keep an eye on that.

    I think the reason those guys detest Insite is because they lack any themselves…