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The Shady Lady finds a man

markusThe Shady Lady Brothel has hired its first male prostitute, and he starts work today.

Markus prefers the title ‘gigolo’, or ‘surrogate lover’, to prostitute (or prostidude, a term newly coined by the media).

His new bosses won’t let him do any more media interviews, not since he told Details Magazine that his role in the sex business was “just the same” as civil rights icon Rosa Parks refusing to move to the back of the bus.

I find the story interesting because it’s such an amusing mix of progressive and regressive attitudes. Take this line for example:

“All this gay homophobia in this country is horrible,” Davis [the brothel owner] said. “Everybody’s so damn scared two men might have sex – it’s happening every day in Las Vegas. Not going to happen here, but that’s all the big fear, is gay people.”
[emphasis mine]

In case you’re wondering, $300 will buy you an hour with Markus. For $2,000 you can spend the night with him. (The Shady Lake claims its rates are targeted at the average working man.)

8 comments to The Shady Lady finds a man

  • Hmmm…. not my type. He looks a little… Neanderthal? Maybe if he sported wire rims and a tweed jacket with leather patches? Nah. I can think of better things to spend $300 on.

  • Sensored


    If anyone has ever seen the show Hung, there is probably a definate market out there for male prosti’dudes’.

    This young man however, gives a callous impression from the first glance at his picture, as well as the “Cave Man” urga urga facade.

    I am sure that he could probably hold philosphy discussions with the best of us, however, the issue is whether or not he would be worth $300.00 of my money to make my dreams come true in bed. From first glance, I will pass.

  • Not really sure what to say… but I guess if there’s a demand for it, then why not? 😉

  • reb

    I was guessing that the winner would be someone that would fit into GQ and a western setting to appeal to market potential, e looks like is more suited to be part of the security.

    Are there woman out there that would pay that much just to hang out with the club bouncer?

  • Wait – I am confused: he is a male prostitute that women hire or that men hire? If the owner is saying there is no gay sex going on, um…Do you see where I’m going with this?????? Do I have to spell it out????????

    Anyway, Markus is not my type. Though, I’ve only been sharing my bed with my cat these past few years and my standards are slipping…

  • Nat

    Isn’t he the guy that we all avoided in the bar? You know the cocky, not that hot, self-abosrbed jerk…

    No issue with paying for it if that’s your thing, but really, you probably could pick something like that up in a bar…

  • Zoom, your post led to an interesting discussion with my SO over what we each might look for in a prostitute/dude. We both agreed it would help if the person was kind, made us feel safe, and could speak in complete sentences about a variety of topics. Oh, and well read! We decided we’ll just stick with each other.

  • I can’t afford to spend $300.00 an hour on anything