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“I didn’t kill Gordon Lightfoot”

No time for a real post today, but I loved reading this article by Rebecca Fleming, the woman who first tweeted that Gordon Lightfoot had died.

On a totally separate matter, I can’t believe the International Olympic Committee sees fit to “investigate” the Canadian women’s hockey team for drinking in public during its post-game, gold-medal celebration on the ice.

Maybe the ladies weren’t being lady-like enough?

9 comments to “I didn’t kill Gordon Lightfoot”

  • Did the ladies fail to hold their pinkies up high and away from the beer mugs/bottles? Shocking! And on their own time, too!

  • Cynthia

    LOVED Rebecca’s Flemmings post!

    As for those women in HOCKEY…Well, they play HOCKEY for peat’s sake – hockey, beer, beer, hockey, rowdy good times. And they WON…And they didn’t start a riot, smash windows and set cars on fire…IOC looking for yet another reason to not have this sport next time around methinks.

  • A thousand years ago 1972 just after champagne was invented a certain crew of oarsmen at Brock U snuck a bottle into the boat with them through their race. At the end of the race which they won they popped the cork and swilled the champagne without ever getting out of the boat. The win made certain that Brock would win overall championships for the year.
    Most people laughed and as could and should be expected a few old stuffed shirts harrumphed and spit. Those old men have since graduated to the IOC where no one with a spirit less then a century old is allowed in.

    The ladies are golden the critics are not.

    Oh and I only know about that Brock crew from hearsay and such stuff. We never did anything like that when I was young.

  • Gwen

    I did see them mention some of them being underage.

  • Toni, I think maybe it was the cigars they were passing around. Imagine, smoking and drinking at the Olympics! Scandalous.

    Cynthia, how nice to see you. :) I’m glad you liked it. I did too. I loved when she deleted her twitter account and turned off her computer, ha ha. As for the women’s hockey team, I’ve heard talk that they might be taking women’s hockey out of the Olympics. Not because they’re *women* of course, but because there are only two countries who have women hockey players of a caliber that can compete internationally.

    Dave, no kidding! Good for you. I can just see those stuffy old men all full of righteous condemnation, tut-tutting and pursing their lips and discussing how they will deal with those unruly young ladies.

    Gwen, you’re right, there was at least one 18 year old in the group, and the legal drinking age in BC is 19 (it varies across the country). So yeah. But a little champagne seems like a reasonable way to celebrate a gold medal, no matter what your age!

  • reb

    Did they drink ’cause they had to hang out with the people who were wearing these outfits?

  • Carmen

    Sheeesh….she was 18, not 12….

  • I enjoyed reading Rebecca Flemming’s post – thanks. As for the Canadian Women’s hockey team…give me a break. The arena was empty except for a few paparazzi. They team had a well deserved celebratory moment.
    I see nothing wrong with their actions – wish I was here to have a toast with them.
    I wonder what the motivation is behind the complaints…because they are women? underage? Canadian? or sour grapes?

  • I loved the article by Rebecca Flemming too. Can’t you just imagine how she must have felt as it all unravelled?

    As for the women’s hockey players, I had no problem with the drinking, but the photos with cigars that I saw did bother me a little. It may be hypocritical of me, but it just seemed that that there is so much work going on to prevent youth from taking up smoking, and these healthy youth idols are making smoking look very cool.

    Though in all honesty, I’m more upset that someone took the pictures and released them. They should have been left the team to celebrate in the empty arena.