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My blogging mojo

The problem is, I seem to have lost my blogging mojo. I think it’s a casualty of depression.

Normally I go through my days with what I call my “blogger’s eye” wide open. It’s a way of seeing the world, a way of discovering bloggable things in even the most mundane of days.

But these days, my blogger’s eye feels blind. I don’t know how to see anymore. I don’t know what to blog about. And even when I do think of something to blog about, the writing itself feels flat and uninspired. Something important is missing.

I don’t want to give it up, because blogging’s an important part of my life and I get a lot out of it. I love writing and I love all you good people who read my blog. I love your comments and the sense of community you give me.

I’ve thought about taking a break, but I’m afraid I’ll completely lose all my momentum and never come back.

So I guess I’ll just keep muddling along, trying to see the world through my blind blogger’s eye, trying to cajole a few posts a week out of myself. I hope you’ll bear with me until I (hopefully) get my mojo back.

22 comments to My blogging mojo

  • Writer’s block is a lousy thing. But let me just say that I for one would be perfectly happy if you filled a bunch of your posts with nothing but Duncan pictures and updates. Duncan taking up a whole couch, Duncan high on catnip, Duncan going bonkers over a ball of yarn etc…

  • grace

    For some reason today I read Category: F. The
    Whole Echidna.

    I’m with you . . . I’ve lost my Scrabble mojo, my running mojo and my reading mojo.

    Keep muddling!

  • elmaks may be on to something. Just do anything, and then that builds momentum and something else will happen. I know that the more I do, the more I get done. And likewise, the less I do, the less I do.

  • I find that spring is a slow season for blogging, largely because there are so many other new and interesting things to do.

    You needn’t worry though – those of us who have a deeply rooted taste for the practice of blogging will surely return to it, once the novelty of sunny days and new projects is diminished a bit.

  • J.

    I know what you mean, but not make a side blog for a bit. Like a photo blog. Just take pictures of things you see, no words. This way, it gives us a bit of insite into what you’re up to these days.

    Just an idea.

  • Well, depression. Ya know…

    What I think about it, aside from the obvious makes-it-hard-to-do-anythingness of it, is that it seriously colours everything that you do manage to pull off.

    It’s like wearing ash-coloured glasses. You look at everything you do, right after doing it, and go, “Meh”.

    But sometimes – maybe often – when you look at it days or weeks or months later, after you’ve managed to rinse the ashes off, that same “meh” has evolved into “pretty good”.

    Guess what I’m saying is, the way you feel about what you do at any given time depends on your mood. So cut yourself some slack, and some credit. If you don’t feel like blogging much, it still might not be a bad idea to blog at least a little, and so give your future self a chance to come back and look at it later. Your future self might thank you for the record, and the insight. Maybe even the pretty-goodness…

    Meantime, big doggy hugs to ya. Do what it takes, to take care of your self.

  • Jen G

    The dog has it right! What he just said.

  • Agreed. Post a photo, a picture, any little thing. Regularly. It’ll help you, even if it doesn’t seem like it will at the time.

    We’re with you.

  • Zoom, that’s what depression does to me; it sucks the enjoyment out of everything for a while. So here’s an idea: to help with the blogging (pic+caption OR link+comment OR a meme OR a “traditional” zoom blog entry), for a while assign yourself topics for certain days (preempt-able for breaking news of course). For example, Duncan posts on Caturdays (you know, the days before Sunday, and some could be written by Duncan or his dog/bird friends). Topics to assign: cooking/eating, gardening, art/culture, knitting, job search, letterboxing, reading, inspirations, anecdotes from your past, community events, etc. Grab a calendar, plot it out, and make like Nike and just do it! [ducking as you take a swing at me LOL] I’d wager that after a while you won’t need to refer to your calendar because your mojo will be back. And yes, giving my blogging performance, I have a lot of nerve. VBG

  • I find that my blogging mojo comes and goes. Sometimes I’ll have a flurry of ideas and I’ll have pre-written posts for the next two weeks. Other times I get busy or down or bored and even the blog can feel like work.

    During the down times I try to make myself post once a week, just so I keep at it. The mojo always comes back in a few weeks or months.

  • Carmen

    We’ll be here, faithfully reading you! Are you knitting?? Post some sock pics!

  • I am also mojo-impaired. Largely with fighting windmills and phone companies.

    I need a new big project to avoid. Then I’ll get stuff done.

    – RG>

  • Judith

    Although you may think your writing is flat and uninspired, it is as good as ever so please don’t stop. Are you still waiting for the medication to kick in, Susan?

  • Jan Hughes

    I agree: do a Duncan marathon. His evil twin, BarnaBoo, lives right here at my house, in California. He’s always interested in what Dunc’s up to, and would love to have all Duncan, all the time. Plus, when I get down – which is a lot right now, since I’m unemployed & going broke & totaled my car so now ride the bike & have a cold & it’s raining & etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, my cats cheer me up. They’re good to snuggle with, too, and help me put things in perspective.

    Keep the faith!

  • I agree with Elmaks, give me all Duncan all the time until your mojo comes back. Waiting for your inspiring and insightful prose is well worth and Duncan makes a great intermission!

  • Julia Cip

    Thinking of you. Depression sucks. And fortunately it does not seem to have a fixed address. Go gently…

  • reb

    Our older cat is wondering if Duncan wants a tiny roommate to help cheer you up.

    She says to tell you that she will gladly part with her as it is making her dizzy watching this interloper go from nap to turbokitten in seconds.

  • I just stopped cold when I hit the same depression. Today was the first time I’ve blogged since early in February. I needed something big in my life to jumpstart me.

    It’ll come back Zoom, don’t pressure yourself to pull yourself outwards into your blogger’s eye if it doesn’t feel right. Maybe you should invite some guest bloggers to help out?

  • You guys are the BEST. Thank you. I will attempt to implement some of your suggestions.

    At this very moment, I’m sitting on the couch with Duncan, who WAS sleeping on the back of the couch, but who has since slipped down and draped himself around my neck and over my shoulders. I’m wearing him. He’s sound asleep and wheezing softly in my ear. I want a cup of coffee, but I don’t want to disturb him, so I will wait patiently til he wakes up.

  • XUP

    I totally agree with the wise and furry coyote.

  • I lost my blogging mojo a while back – it seems to happen every spring – and it was so not wonderful. I muddled, and now I’m pretty much back, almost, but on the rise. You’ll find your way again.

  • Em

    I’ve been finding myself without the blogging mojo lately as well. It’s hard. Try not to feel guilty about it – it’s your blog! We (loyal readers) will stick by you no matter what. :)