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Kazoo's Debut

Here’s Kazoo! I haven’t been able to get any good pictures of him yet because he’s still a little shy, and he hangs out way up there near the ceiling. (He’s on a perch on top of his cage.)

His cage is huge. I remembered it was big, but holy guacamole! It looks a lot more massive in my little living room than it did in their gigantic kitchen. He also came with a parrot stand and a box of toys and food, and an even bigger outdoor cage that they’ll deliver in the Spring. He’s got more stuff than a baby!

So about Kazoo. He arrived in a cat carrier, squawking up a storm. After his people left, he continued to talk for awhile. Mostly he said “Allo Coco!” in a hundred different ways. High-pitched, low-pitched, evil, sexy, etc. I think he might have said some other stuff in French that I couldn’t quite make out. Or maybe he’s got his own language – he mutters to himself quite a bit.

When Duncan made an appearance, Kazoo mostly stopped talking and the two of them stared at each other. Kazoo’s pupils were flashing big and small, big and small, big and small (it’s called pinning, and I read that it can indicate aggression, excitement, or great interest). Duncan’s pupils got big and round and stayed that way.

Duncan can tell that Kazoo is not a stalkable bird. He knows he’s out of his league. So Duncan’s curled up with me on the couch right now and not paying much attention to Kazoo. Kazoo, on the other hand, looks like he’s trying to sleep with one eye open. I don’t know if he knows anything about cats. He lived with a dog before.

Anyway. This is a lot of bird. Right now I feel a bit sorry for him because I think he’s starting to realize that he’s not in Kansas anymore. He might be feeling homesick. He’s being very, very quiet. (And even when he’s very, very quiet, he still dominates the room.)

7 comments to Kazoo’s Debut

  • knitty_kat


    I hope I’m not being pushy . . . as someone who worked with large birds for many years, take the perk off the top of the cage. At least until everyone is used to each other. Birds get high to dominate. If you can get up higher than him then you’ll be in a position of power, but you should try to establish that from the get go.

    He looks like a lovely bird, well cared for & in great health. I wish you lots of luck & hope it’s a good fit!

  • OH WOW!!! I’m so excited for you!

  • Congratulations Zoom! What a lucky fella to join your family. He may be sad for his former life but I’m sure you will work your way into his heart quickly. (Duncan too perhaps?) Zoom – the bird whisperer. :)

  • deb

    How did you get him? Did his other owner not want him anymore? And if so, why?

  • solomon grimm

    you’ll likely reminisce about the quiet phase..the cat will steer clear, parrots are ferocious little conquistadors whenever an excuse considers implying itself, but they measure their nips the way mercy doesn’t strain..what kind is he? (/where’s he from? beyond kansas)…with a name like that, maybe you’ll wanna teach him to say ‘geseunteit!'(why are we the ones who say “bless you” to the perp who’s just ‘anointed’ us with flying fragments of fluid phlegm?

  • Congratulations on your newest family member!

    We just saw my parents off this morning (going back to Kingston) and I now have a newest family member too (sort of) – Dad’s electric bicycle! It’s a folder and has tiny 16 inch wheels – it is so cute and I am so disappointed I won’t have much time to ride it before the snow flies. He decided he just wasn’t going to be riding it any more now that he’s 82. Plus we went and bought his final resting place at the Beechwood Cemetery so he’s really feeling his mortality. But it’s a beautiful spot.

  • Knitty_kat you’re not being pushy at all. I appreciate the advice! I read the same thing somewhere else too – I shouldn’t even let him sit on my shoulder for the same reason. This morning I put the perch on the coffee table and put Duncan out of the room. Then I brought Kazoo down to the perch. He pooped, turned his back on me, and flew back up to the top of his cage. (Whereupon I gave him back his perch so he’d be more comfortable.)He doesn’t seem to be trying to assert dominance. He just seems to feel safer up there. And I feel kind of sorry for him because he’s homesick. (I’m not very good at establishing my so-called dominance, am I?)

    Mudmama, thank you. :)

    Laura, I very much hope you’re right!

    Deb, he’d been with his family for 13 years, since he was a baby. She said that nobody paid him much attention anymore now that the kids are teenagers. The highlight of his day was when she’d clean his cage (which, she added, she was getting tired of doing). She thought it was time to let him go to another family who would be more excited about him and maybe provide more enrichment and stimulation. (We made a deal however that if I ever get tired of him, I’ll call her first. And if he ever escapes, I’ll call her immediately so she can help look for him and coax him back. She obviously still cares about him.)

    Solomon, good point. I hope he does perk up soon. It’s making me sad to see him so sad. He’s a double yellow headed Amazon parrot. (Just one head though.) I remember you telling me about the parrot you lived with in Costa Rica. He sounded pretty amazing.

    Julia, congratulations on YOUR new addition too. I think I’ve seen one of those. Its owner was so excited about it (it was a new toy).