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Aly and the fruit contest

Aly Marcotte-Willison is a teacher at Meadowlands Public School, here in Ottawa. She has entered a contest for teachers, sponsored by Del Monte. The prize is $750 and a bunch of fruit.

This is the very last week of the contest. Aly’s currently in fifteenth place (out of hundreds), but she needs to make it to the top ten in the next three days. She’s the only Canadian teacher with a chance of winning. If she wins, she’s going to spend the money on books for her classroom, and they’re going to have a fruit-eating party.

I don’t know why it matters so much to me that she win this thing. I never even heard of her until she was interviewed by CBC radio a week or so ago. But I really hope she wins.

So this is my plea to you to take a moment or two to vote for Aly. Voting instructions are here, on Aly’s page. No registration is required.

I know these things are kind of annoying, but I want Aly to win even more than I want to not be annoying. Thanks very much, and I’m sorry.

P.S. If you’d like to see Aly Marcotte-Willison, she’ll be on the CTV 6:00 News tonight.

8 comments to Aly and the fruit contest

  • voted!

    Oh and Meagan did it! She’s in the top 20 on to the juried round!

  • aly marcotte-willison

    Thank you for posting this!! I have become sickly invested in this contest, and was google-ing my name to try and find the delmonte sites google cache and see where some contestants were last week. And I came across this instead! I appreciate the support so much. I love the sense of community I am feeling, and even if I don’t end up winning, I think I have gained so much just from the experience!

  • Leanne

    I voted! Good luck, Aly!

  • deb

    Maybe because we went to Meadowlands, you care?

  • Andrew McCallum

    Go Aly go! I’ve got everyone that I know now, hammering out the last few days, spent some time at the libraries in the area.
    Thank you for posting this, it is much appreciated.

  • Thanks Mudmama! And yay for Meagan – that’s excellent.

    Aly! What a lovely surprise. You’re a celebrity now. I really, really want you to win this contest. But even if you don’t win, I’ll still be impressed with all that you’ve done to get some more books for your classroom (and fruit, of course). Good luck! (By the way, I just discovered last night that I can vote twice a day – once from my computer and once from my iPhone.)

    Leanne – thank you!

    Deb, I’m not sure that’s why. But maybe it has something to do with it. We were at Meadowlands for one year. Grade 3 for me, Grade 4 for you.

    Andrew, it sounds like you’re heavily invested in it too! lol.

  • knitty_kat

    Done and with pleasure! I’ll try to remember to vote again tomorrow too.

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