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News from Zoom's Zoo

Things have been changing fast.

1. Baby Jeebus learned how to fly a few days ago, and was adopted by his new family last night. His new person is a little boy, and his new name is Cuddles. There are parrotlets in his new home, and another lovebird too. (The downside is that the other lovebird, which belongs to the little boy’s sister, murdered the little boy’s first lovebird. Cuddles is a replacement for the murdered lovebird, but he will have his own cage, which the murdered lovebird sadly did not.) I sobbed after Jeebus left, but it’s okay. I just want him to be happy, healthy and well-loved.

2. Someone adopted Piccolo and Banjo today. I wasn’t planning to sell them yet, but someone called and really wanted a boy and a girl. I wept when they left, but they seemed like nice people and I do need to reduce the bird population around here, because of things like this:

3. Either Piccolo or Oboe chewed through the patch cable for my router a couple of days ago, effectively severing my internet connection for 24 hours.

4. Two birds drew blood from me on the same day. A baby was flying to me and landed on my face, clinging to my nose with his sharp pointy toenails. Blood dripped from the new holes in my nose. A few hours later, Kazoo and I were playing with a spray bottle. It likes to spray him and he likes to attack it. This is the best game EVER. He gets crazy excited and laughs hysterically, and he’s got such an infectious laugh that I laugh hysterically too. So, we were playing this game, and he attacked the nozzle, which is perilously close to the trigger, which is where my index finger was. My finger got chomped HARD. I didn’t feel bad, since it was an accident, but my finger felt awful. It swelled up and turned colours and leaked blood. (I like that Kazoo can bite that hard, though, in case he ever needs to defend himself.)

5. GC’s dog, Logan, was diagnosed with diabetes this week and has to have insulin shots twice a day. It came on really fast. In November, his blood sugar levels were normal (5.6). Last week he started drinking and peeing a lot more than normal. The vet tested him and said his blood sugar levels were off the chart (in the 30s, she figured). GC wonders if he may have somehow caused Logan’s diabetes. I doubt it, but I can relate to that automatic assumption of guilt whenever something goes wrong with a pet.

6. Duncan doesn’t have much news to report. He was pretty excited about Banjo escaping in the living room today, and joined enthusiastically in the search and rescue mission until I relegated him to the basement.

7. For the record, I only have four birds left: Kazoo (the Amazon), Oboe (the youngest teenager), and Two and Three, the second and third babies from the most recent clutch.

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  • Connie

    My little dog Lilly became diabetic last year, also very quickly. She is also on insulin twice a day. Her eyes were not great to begin with as she had trouble with them as a puppy, but now with the diabetes she is almost completely blind. But she manages well, and she doesn’t mind the injections. She comes to me right after she eats and waits for the insulin. Best wishes to your dog!

  • Sorry to hear about Logan. My cat Tux is diabetic and gets insulin shots twice a day too, but he’s done very well since starting the insulin, and the vet said he’ll most likely live a normal lifespan.
    In Tux’s case, the diabetes was mostly my fault – I let him get too overweight. But about 5 years ago I had another cat who was diabetic. Unfortunately, we didn’t figure it out soon enough, and by the time we had her tested, her organs were already failing. But the vet said her’s was likely just brought on by age – she was 10.

  • Piccolo and Banjo are siblings, aren’t they? I hope this isn’t a problem for your customer…

    – RG>

  • I’m so proud of you :-) I know its hard giving them away but you are doing really well with it, tears and all!

  • Your poor noz!

    Aw,Duncan’s out of the chase.

    There’s an award for you at Humanyms…

  • It sounds like you found good homes for the birds. I wonder what Kazoo makes of the birds departure?