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One sewing machine, a dog, a cat, two birds and a surprise

I got a sewing machine! One of my long-time regular blog readers, Connie, very generously offered me her Husqvarna Huskystar 224, which she hasn’t used for a few years. (Like me, she leaves a string of abandoned hobbies in her wake. And, like me, she used to live with eleven birds, although the most I ever had was nine.) She says I can make her a quilt in exchange for the sewing machine, but if I abandon sewing for woodworking before I get around to it, that’s okay too. (In that case, I’ll make her a quilt rack.) Anyway, the sewing machine arrived from the States on Friday evening, and it’s beautiful. I ordered the quilt pattern and the fabrics, and today I’m going to plug in the sewing machine and see if I can sew a quarter inch seam.

I only have two birds left: Kazoo and Oboe. All the others have gone to their new homes. I hope they’re doing well. I see that the first two are for sale again. The woman I sold them too doesn’t want them anymore. She says she doesn’t have time for them. Hmph.

Oboe is a little freaked out because he’s alone in the office now. He’s used to having other birds around. He’s very quiet now, since he has nobody to chat with. I go visit him several times a day and take him out and play with him. He showers and bathes with me too. I don’t think it’s a good idea to move him downstairs. He’d have company, but Duncan might stalk him.

Speaking of Duncan, we’ve finally integrated Duncan and Logan the Dog. It turned out to be the easiest thing in the world. The first night, Duncan hissed at Logan a few times. But since then, they’ve gotten along fine. Logan gives Duncan a wide berth, and avoids making eye contact with him, and Duncan seems pretty comfortable having Logan around. GC and I are both very happy with this new development.

There’s a new creature moving into my zoo in April. Anybody want to guess what it is?

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