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Bowls I love

Chandler Swain bowl I love this bowl, too. Chandler Swain, my favourite potter, made it. I haven’t actually used it, since it hangs on a wall, but I’m pretty sure my Shreddies would taste great in there.

Here it is with my Chandler Swain fruit bowl, which I also love. There’s a William Morris rabbit in the bottom, under the fruit.

7 comments to Bowls I love

  • Deb

    I love these bowls…but if you are going to blog about everything that you love…you will never get your ‘decluttering” done. Methinks that you are procrastinating.

    • grace

      Methinks Deb may be on to someting.

    • Hee! I was thinking the same thing! Tell you what I did today, put on Hoarders and got around to filing all my important papers that have been sitting in my bedroom since we moved to the farm what …20 months ago? :-) I also filled a tall rubbermaid bin with stuff to recycle and give away from the bedroom. Nothing like watching people who have passed the tipping point to motivate you!!!

      • Lucy

        Good job, mudmama, filing your papers! I too moved about 20 months ago but my papers, both important and unimportant, are still in boxes standing around in my study. The problem is I can’t throw them out without carefully sorting them and separating the important from the unimportant, so now whenever I get more papers I just toss them on top of the boxes of papers that are already there….

    • Well…I blogged in the few minutes before I left for work, which isn’t really prime decluttering time. Besides, there’s a psychological aspect to decluttering, and it involves contemplation. I was being contemplative, that’s all. :)

  • lucy

    I like that raven (or crow?)