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Ask me anything

I would blog today if I could think of something to blog about, and I would have blogged yesterday too if I could have thought of something to blog about.  It seems I have reached the bottom of the blogging barrel. I assume it’s just temporary, but time will tell.

So, while I’m waiting for the ideas to start flowing again, let’s play Ask Me Anything. I’ve seen this on a few other blogs. I seem to recall that XUP used this method to generate blogging ideas to sustain her through NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month, in which one commits to blogging every day for a month. Also known as NaNoblahblah).

Here’s how it works. You ask me questions in the comments or by email (zoomery at gmail dot com), and I’ll answer your questions in blog posts.

Subject-wise, anything goes. Just don’t ask me about stuff like transhumanism and its relation to quantum computing, or the hardness of simulating Newtonian physics.


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