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Connie's quilt, at last

Connie’s quilt

About a year and a half ago I blogged about wanting to learn how to quilt. So Connie, who lives in Maine and whom I’ve never met, sent me her sewing machine! Just like that! Just because she’s such a generous and kind person.

I promised Connie I’d make her a quilt.

I started it more than a year ago, and only finished it last month. But, in my defense, it’s the first quilt I’ve made completely by myself. I did most of the red, black and white sampler by myself, but I won free long-arm quilting for it, so I didn’t do the actual quilting (that’s where you sew all the layers of the quilt together, usually in some kind of decorative pattern). GC and I made Sienna’s baby quilt together, and he did the actual quilting.

So Connie’s quilt is my first complete quilt, and the first one I’ve actually quilted. (For those of you who know something about quilting, I did straight machine quilting on most of it, and free motion quilting in the borders.)

There were times over the past year when I had my doubts about this quilt. I thought it was too simple. But when it was finished and quilted and the binding was on it, I liked it very much, despite its simplicity and its imperfections…or maybe because of them.

I felt very happy sending this quilt off to Connie, and she and her cat were happy to receive it.

Thank you, Connie!

Duncan with Connie’s quilt

Connie’s cat, Mickey, with Connie’s quilt

Connie’s quilt, between cats

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