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Ernesto goes to Italy: Part I

I was going to blog about Italy today, but I didn’t get around to it. Here’s the thing: an Italy post needs pictures. I have a new camera (a real one, not a phone) and I’ve started learning Adobe Lightroom but I’m still figuring it out. So far I’ve imported our 1,987 Italy pictures, sorted them, keyworded most of them and fixed the color balance on some of them. But I haven’t yet finished editing or exporting any photographs. So I’m not quite ready to blog about all the wonderful things GC, Ernesto and I did and saw in Italy.

Instead, I will blog about what we didn’t do. We didn’t go to San Michelle’s cemetery in Venice, or the Catacombs in Rome. We didn’t do any geocaching. I didn’t eat any olives. But we did eat truffles, mushrooms, chestnuts, anchovies, pasta, gelato and deep-fried artichokes, and we drank an impressive amount of wine. (For the record, I was very proud of myself for eating truffles, mushrooms, chestnuts and anchovies, because I don’t like those things, but “when in Rome…”)

untitledThe rest of the adventures will have to wait until I get a little further along with the photographs. But I just this minute tried exporting a single picture to see if I could do it, and here it is: the first picture of the vacation. This is Ernesto with the friendliest Air Canada ticket agent at the Ottawa Airport!

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