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Your animals and their table manners

GC and I went to Gilles and Annie’s for a BBQ last night. It was yummy. BBQ’d everything! Steak and chicken and sausages and zucchini, and stuff that wasn’t bbq’d too, like pasta salad and garden salad and delicious bread and corn on the cob and pink girly drinks and wine and strawberries. It was […]

Coming full circle

I’ve had the most emotional day today, and it’s only 3:00 in the afternoon.

First, we went to the funeral. It was held in a lovely, humble little church. I’ve always felt some affinity with this church, even though I’m not a church-goer. It’s a downtown church that reaches out to street people, and it […]

Have we stopped doing stuff?

I had breakfast at Irene’s with GC, Robin, XUP and Hella Stella this morning. It was a do-over breakfast since our previous attempt to get together was thwarted by XUP’s child’s delicate bones.

During the course of breakfast, XUP inquired as to whether GC and I have stopped doing things, since I apparently have not […]

Puppy mills, pointy claws and finger-pointing

My friend Donna invited me over for dinner last night and we drank wine and ate fish and talked about Romanian orphanages, Columbian drug cartel prisoners, child abuse, depressing movies, Karla Homolka, addiction, poverty, prisons, Stephen Harper, the economy, child slavery, puppy mills and post-traumatic stress syndrome.

One heavy topic seemed to lead into the […]