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Quite the Week

It has been Quite the Week. There was a more-or-less last-minute switch-about at work, which meant that I got to go to a conference in Montreal about HIV and housing, from Tuesday to Friday. Since I wasn’t going to be here for my son’s birthday, I switched his birthday dinner to Monday night.

We had […]

We know how to have fun

GC got a sliver in his foot from the hardwood floor. He said it felt like a long, skinny sliver. There wasn’t much to see, but he was limping and wincing. Later, when we were getting ready for bed, we saw that his foot was swollen.

I insisted we go to the hospital because he’s […]

Home from the Hospital

I had a pretty good time at the hospital, even though I didn’t get any red jello and was too groggy for puzzles or knitting or even reading.

We got to the Civic at 6:15 a.m, and a few minutes later I was in my hospital gown and in a bed, where a friendly nurse […]

Mystery infection at the Civic

The surgeon’s office called today and canceled my spine surgery. Apparently there are no beds available.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“No beds,” she repeated, “It’s like the inn is full.”

“But don’t I have a reservation?” I asked.

She laughed and laughed.

Then she said she was sorry, but that’s just the way it goes. She could re-schedule […]

The gigantic pajamas and the robotic anesthesiologist

Everything went well with the breast cancer surgery yesterday. I was lucky enough to get an early slot, so I didn’t have to lie there starving all day. GC was allowed to stay with me until surgery.

You know those shapeless blue hospital gowns? They gave me the usual gownage, but I also got great big […]