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Mystery infection at the Civic

The surgeon’s office called today and canceled my spine surgery. Apparently there are no beds available.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“No beds,” she repeated, “It’s like the inn is full.”

“But don’t I have a reservation?” I asked.

She laughed and laughed.

Then she said she was sorry, but that’s just the way it goes. She could re-schedule me for September 24th.

My son’s birthday, I thought to myself. I always make beer-battered chicken balls on September 24th.

I told her I’d take it, but how do we know this won’t happen again on September 24th.

“We don’t,” she admitted. “It could.”

I got off the phone and told Woodsy, who was visiting for lunch.

“But what about your radiation?” asked Woodsy, “How will it affect that?”

Excellent point. I hadn’t thought of that. I called the surgeon’s office back and left a message explaining that all my radiation treatments had been rescheduled to accommodate my spine surgery, and would now have to be rescheduled again.

A few minutes later the hospital called to see if I’d heard my surgery had been canceled. I said I had, and asked what they mean by “no beds.”

It turns out there’s an infection in the Civic Hospital. She wouldn’t tell me what kind. (“That’s not for me to say,” she said.) But they’ve canceled half of tomorrow’s surgeries, and they’ve ‘closed’ a whole bunch of beds.

“It’s for your own protection,” she said.

A little while later the surgeon’s nurse called back and said Dr. Lesiuk had called the hospital himself and tried to plead my case, but was unsuccessful. However, they were able to offer me September 17th instead of September 24th. I thanked her and took it.

So. Even though I won’t be pain-free and walking by tomorrow, at least I’ll be making beer-batter chicken balls on September 24th.

13 comments to Mystery infection at the Civic

  • Zoom,
    I was just about to write something on this morning’s blog
    but it was to late now!! You must be disappointed.
    I guess it will give you sometime to figure our your Hair
    at least..

  • grace

    I listened to the narrated version of the video about microdiscectomy. I loved the narration. With that narrator in my passenger seat, I could see myself abandoning all my quirky driving tics and managing a shoot down the Don Valley Parkway in a semi.

    Fie on the cancellation.

    Anything good for lunch?

  • Rita, you’re getting like me, always looking for the bright side in everything! ha ha.

    Grace, no kidding eh? I felt like I could PERFORM the surgery after listening to the narration.

  • This sucks. I hope everything happens for you on the 17th…and that everything goes well!

  • I thought this would interest you:

    A video that discusses Daguerreotypes

  • I’ve had people go to extreme lengths to avoid me before, but closing half the hospital?

    – RG>

  • Oma

    I can make those beer battered chicken balls on the 24th! I wasn’t sure your really wanted to have touchy surgery on September 11 … I am glad it was re-scheduled to James’ birthday … and even happier that it was bumped up.

    Will you be coming to the Bloggers’ dinner now?

  • I’m sure your surgery will be a success… and I can’t wait for the blog that says your pain free… I do wish I could try some of those chicken balls though..

  • I once had surgery cancelled the night before. It’s awful. Glad to hear you’ll be home for the kid’s birthday, though.

  • Noam Deguerre

    nice that the surgeon tried; ‘staff’ infection? you’re on such a roll, this one delay is just like frankenfeurter (sp?) said: “antici…” – patients! consolation prize: you’ll be dancing when your own birthday comes around!

  • Julia

    This is so disappointing, even to those of us who were just geared up for you mentally! Argh.

  • Thanks Lynn.

    And thanks for the dag link Milan.

    Grouchy, ha ha.

    Oma, I didn’t have any qualms about surgery on September 11th. I just want to get it done. The sooner the better. No, I won’t be at the dinner.

    Thanks Valerie. I’ll post the recipe. It’s a tradition that I always make them for James’ birthday. They’re his favourite.

    Lene, he’s not really a kid anymore, but I still like to do the birthday thing with him. And about getting surgery cancelled at the last minute – it changes everything, doesn’t it? You plan your life around an upcoming surgery, and it doesn’t seem right when they cancel it at the last minute, leaving you prepared for….well, nothing.

    Noam, true enough, I’ll be good as new by my birthday.

    Julia, I don’t why that makes me feel better, but it does!

  • Nat

    Hospital’s don’t have a lot of wiggle room (specially hospitals in Ottawa) — so it doesn’t take much to cause cancellations (unfortunately.) And well, if there is an infection, it’s probably best not to get it.

    Sounds like you have a good team who’ll go to bat for you. Keeping my fingers crossed for next week.