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It was a slow week but then something happened

We’ve spent most evenings in the last week on the couch, hand-sewing the binding onto a quilt while watching Season One of Downton Abbey. This has been a lovely way to pass the time, though it hasn’t really lent itself to blogging.

But last night, between the cedar-planked salmon and the chocolate-raspberry parfait, GC got […]

Oboe's New Girlfriend

Oboe used to have a girlfriend. Her name was Oboe’s Girlfriend. We got her in a bundle of used bird toys from someone on Kijiji. She didn’t look all that special to me, but Oboe fell head-over-heels in love with her. She was lovely and soft and she had a sweet little bell-like voice, and […]

Ask Me Anything #3: Romance, Part I

Patti asks: “I would like to read your thoughts about romantic relationships. What has life taught you about them? What makes for a good relationship or a bad one for you? should a good one still take work, sometimes hard work?”

Such a timely question, Patti, because today is GC’s and my 50th anniversary! Fifty months, […]

An unusually romantic Valentines Day

We don’t usually make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day, but this year we got swept up in it for some reason. Maybe it’s because you can’t ignore Valentine’s Day when you’re surrounded by symbols of romance, like lovebirds and a dog named Rose.

Speaking of which, every time we tried to share a […]