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The universe keeps giving away my hats

I finished my third Inka hat by Cabin Fever (AKA earflap hat, peruvian hat, and Inca hat). Like the first two, this one was supposed to be for me, but the universe made a very compelling case for giving Inka hat #3 to my sister Kerry.

  • One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to remember and celebrate everybody’s birthday this year.
  • Kerry’s birthday is the day after tomorrow.
  • Kerry adored Inka hats #1 and #2 when they were unwrapped by Arrow and my mom on Christmas Day.
  • Kerry – who happens to be an artist who got an A+ in colour theory in college – gave colour advice for the third Inka hat (some of which I forgot, which is why the colours aren’t perfect).
  • Kerry just happened to be at my place yesterday (a rare event, since she normally only goes to baby-proof homes) hours after Inka hat #3 was completed.

Here’s Kerry wearing my her hat:

Inka hat #4 : earflap #1But I’m almost happy that the universe gave Kerry my hat, because now Inka Hat # 4 is on the needles, and I do believe this is gonna be the best one yet! Here’s the first earflap, adding a little extra colour to my fridge.

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