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Doggie blogging

On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog unless you tell them. In the interests of full disclosure, I’m a dog. My name is Sam.

I took Zoom for lots of walks while she was on holidays, but she’s back at work now and I’m at home with nothing to do but nap and blog.

C’mon, I’ll show you some of the interesting things I’ve seen while sniffing around my new neighbourhood.

Pictogram for dogs This is my new dog park. It’s big. Even though there are no dogs, you can tell it’s a dog park from the sign. It looks like someone peed on the sign.

My old dog park had lots of snow in the wintertime, but this dog park has almost none. It’s too bad, because I love rolling in the snow.

Not much snow

I rolled in the grass instead. When life gives me lemons, I make lemonade.

Rolling in the grass

No dogs allowed on the ice My new dog park has a swimming pool and a skating rink too, but no water, ice, swimmers or skaters. This is the skating rink. There’s a sign that says dogs aren’t allowed on the ice. Maybe they think we’ll pee on it and melt all their ice. Maybe that’s what happened.

Speaking of peeing, I wanted to pee on those pink tires, but Zoom said no, they were art. Interesting.

Pink tires

I wanted to pee on this garbage can, but Zoom said no, it was an antique.

Antique garbage can

I wanted to pee on that white thing, but Zoom said no, it was art in progress. She doesn’t really get the whole peeing thing: I’ve never seen her pee on anything.

Art in progress

There’s a big farm nearby, called The Experimental Farm. It’s right in the middle of the city.

The Experimental Farm

Zoom and I like to pretend we’re not in the city anymore when we’re at the Experimental Farm.

Me, out in the woods

I was here:

I was here

Zoom let me pee on the giant pencils.

Giant pencils

I saw a worm on the bike path. Zoom says it’s weird even being able to see the bike path in January, let alone a worm.

January worm

We didn’t see a lot of animals. Just these guys:

Scary animals

On the way home we saw a dog on his porch with a comfy blanket.

Another dog

And here I am, back home again, waiting for Zoom to open the door so I can zonk out under the coffee table for a few hours and rest up for my evening crazies.

Here I am, home again

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