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What’s your seduction style?

I came across this Seduction Style quiz on Boo’s site and, well, what can I say? Boo’s a tantric master and I’m a Bubble. Of course everybody knows such quizzes are meaningless. A bubble my ass.

By the way, I got mistaken for a hooker on Friday morning when I went down to Mechanicsville to help Stuart set up his blog. I was walking east on Wellington Street and someone traveling west in a big, beat-up, rattly pickup truck honked as he passed me. Then he pulled over and waited for me to cross the street, which I didn’t. I kept walking. He circled the block and came back and pulled over again beside me.

“You working today?” he asked.

“No,” I said.

“You going home?” he asked.

“No,” I said.

“Wanna go for a coffee?” he asked.

“No,” I said.

“Wanna go for a ride?” he asked.

“No,” I said.

I’m such an interesting conversationalist.

You know what I almost did but didn’t have the guts to do? I almost pulled out my camera and took a picture of him. For the blog. For you. But I didn’t want to make the big, ugly, leering man mad. After he drove away I looked down at myself and wondered if perhaps it was my provocative style of dress that made him mistake me for a hooker: you know, blue jeans, oversized handknit sweater, hiking boots? Or maybe a woman walking by herself through Mechanicsville in broad daylight just screams ‘hooker’ to some people?

I realize now it was probably just my irresistible Bubble seduction style.

4 comments to What’s your seduction style?

  • That’s hilarious (and gross at the same time). Have you seen this blog ? She’s a 30 year old NYC cab driver who encounters worse on the streets AND takes pictures of them. You have to surf around a lot but it’s worth it. Yeowzah.

  • Don’t blame it on yourself or your bubble…. This is just another man who thinks with his (hmmmz, how can I put this nicely)…. brainless part of his body 😉

    It turns out I am not a tantric master or a bubble, I am a warrior monk (full description on my blog)

  • Must run in the family…I am a bubble too. Who would have thought that we would have the same seduction style?

  • Thanks for the link Julia; I’ve started reading, now I’m hooked.

    Dakota, I think it’s ok if they consult their penises on sexual matters, but really, they should insist that their brains retain veto power over them.

    Deb, fellow bubble, I feel better being a bubble knowing you’re one too. After all, you’re also a scorpio, which makes you a passion-fueled tantric mistress by nature, right?