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Canadian Blog Awards: impact on blog stats

I’ve been asked by a couple of people how the Canadian Blog Awards affected my blog stats. Without a doubt they were a real shot in the arm. But, interestingly, the spin-off effects were more dramatic than the direct effects.

If you take a look at the following chart you’ll see that the craziest, most dramatic spikes occurred on the two days the Yarn Harlot mentioned my blog on her blog.

The Harlot, as the knitters already know, has a huge and faithful following. While some non-knitterly types were shocked that a knitting blog could win Best Canadian Blog of 2007, knitters were not surprised. She has a lot of quiet influence in the blogosphere. For example, in the last three years her blog has raised over $400,000 – from the knitters who read it – for Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders.

When the Harlot generously mentioned as another knitting blog in the Canadian Blog Awards (once near the beginning of the Blog Awards, and again near the end), look what happened to my Statcounter graph (click to enlarge) :

My blog stats during the Canadian Blog Awards

Not shown in this chart is the meteoric rise in the number of subscribers, as measured by Feedburner. It took me two years to get the first 75 subscribers, and a month to get the next 150!

I’m sure the numbers will go back to normal, or at least settle somewhere in between what they used to be and what they have been lately; in fact they’re already retreating. And that’s okay, because honestly, I was feeling a little stressed by it all. I blog in part because I love to write, and I love to write in part because I’m kind of shy and introverted by nature.

It was exciting watching the numbers rise so dramatically, but I’m happy to be returning to my comfort zone, in which my blog’s readership increases gradually over time. (But for those of you who started reading during the last month, and want to stick around, don’t get me wrong – I’m very happy to have you here.)


16 comments to Canadian Blog Awards: impact on blog stats

  • Connie

    I started reading your blog because of the harlot, but I voted you for best blog post and will continue to read the blog because I like it. You have good things to say. Keep up the good work, and thank you!

  • Lysanne

    I also started to read your blog because of the harlot and I thik I’ll continue on reading it. I like the way you write and the subjects you talk about (Street Art, Cats, homeless people and toped with a bit of politics)
    Thank you!

  • Malva

    Well, I’ll continue to read your blog because you gave me yarn. 😀

    Just kidding!

    I really enjoy it. I can relate to all the places you write about, go check the street art you point out and enjoy every bit of mayor O’Brien bashing.

  • I’ll add to the ‘I came here because the harlot said so’ gang.
    But I stayed because you are funny! Duncan is cute and I love that swap box.

  • I found you months ago through the “Progressive Blogger” thing, I can’t imagine I’ve caused too many upticks worth noting but I do my best, and I do enjoy your blog very much. I’ve also gotten freaked out a few times when the “hit” numbers get too high, I actually stopped my more successful “all aboot Canada” blog until the numbers fell back down… that even sounds weird in my head right now. There’s something about changing from a blog into a Resource that’s very disconcerting. Since I’m here… I’ve always enjoyed your header image as well. I’ve never been freaked out by sheep until I saw it… Congratulations on the Award.

  • sheila

    I just dipped my toes into the Blogworld pool about a month ago. Before that I was huddled in my dark,smoky cave with nothing but my sticks and string to occupy my time. But,yeah, I came over on the harlot’s suggestion and I liked what I found. Very much. And speaking as one shy, introverted person to another, “You go, girl!”

  • Oh good. Glad you’re glad to have us hear because your blog is just too entertaining to stop reading. :0)

  • Karen (aka Catknitter)

    I’m new to this ‘blog’ thing (what’s the definition of blog anyway? What does it mean?), and found you through the harlot & only recently started going to her website because of her books which I adore. In fact, I’m not even sure what I’m doing right now. Will this message make it to you? I’m better with knitting than navigating computers & the net (where’s the semi-colon on this thing?), but wanted to put my 2 cents in. Congratulations on the award. Enjoy reading your column very much & I hope you win again next year!

  • I found you via the Harlot, as well. You had me at the sheep header, and I’m staying for your writing. I subscribed, even though my bloglines passed my capacity to keep up long ago…
    I’m a new blogger – also shy and introverted. I’m hoping the blog will help me get over that.
    Love your writing, love the street art & the swap box.
    Thank you!

  • Mo

    Yarn Harlot did point me to your blog but I’m staying because I love reading it (swap box, kindness meters) and I love DUNCAN!!!!


  • I found you a little before the Harlot mentioned you. I make a point of following “who I’m reading” links in other knit-blogs and I was delighted to find a local gal who writes so well and about such interesting and relevant topics. I felt a thrill of recognition and pride when you were mentioned on the Harlot’s blog. Well done, you.

  • Em

    I don’t doubt it! My traffic spiked (about 5x the hits) that day because of the referrals from your blog. :)

  • I did notice that insane number of comments Harlot gets on her blog. Definitely her knitting is amazing…but I’m still baffled by how to attract readers — particularly those that comment. How does she do it?

  • Hey congrats! I enjoyed discovering your site.
    I get up to Ottawa fairly often to visit my daughter who attends Carleton. I hail from near London

  • I came here because of the Harlot. I stay because of the vomit/poop/condom stories 😉

  • You’re all too kind. Duncan and the sheep and I took a vote and decided we want you to move in.