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What I got and did not get at Art in the Park

Art in the ParkI went to Art in the Park yesterday, which is a phenomenal outdoor art sale.

I really wanted to buy art. I was ready to buy art. I was certain I would buy art.

I spent three hours looking at art but I did not buy art.

I think it’s my Libra nature. I just could not decide which art to buy, so I bought no art. There were lots of pieces I liked, but I needed to see one which overpowered me and consumed me and screamed “YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT ME.”

Didn’t happen.

(There was one that came close, by Denise Dowdy, but I couldn’t afford to not live without it.)

Chandler Swain mug featuring DuncanI did buy a pottery mug starring Duncan though. Chandler Swain made it. I searched through all the mugs, looking for one for David Scrimshaw. David just acquired a cat named Drexel and I thought a Drexel mug would be a nice “congratulations on your new cat” gift.

I don’t know why, but Chandler Swain doesn’t make mugs with ancient, boney, funny-looking, three-legged cats on them.

I’m sure once Drexel becomes the “next super star cat of the blog-o-sphere,” as David predicts she will, Chandler Swain will make a Drexel mug.


28 comments to What I got and did not get at Art in the Park

  • I love Chandler Swain’s work!!!! I have a cafe au lait bowl with a woman flying on it…I bought it thinking it would magically allow me time to sit and savour cafe au lait and draw in my journal in the morning…alas it has become the sugar bowl and I guzzle my strong Pan coffee in a giant mug (that I quite like!) from Canadian Tire so I can handle getting up at dawn with children wrapped round my limbs!

  • Cat fight! Mrrraow!!

  • Zoom, I’m glad to see that you’re bearing no ill will about Drexel’s impending ascendancy over Duncan. Maybe one day the two of them could do a buddy picture.

    Or maybe a caper flick. For that, I’m sure they’d want to work with Clint Eastwood.

  • And I’ll be a script consultant. The scene where the coyote eats two cats will be boffo box-office…

  • Clint Eastwood may be available in the fall. Have Drexel and Duncan’s people call Clint’s people. Not the coyote. We’ll talk.

  • Duncan’s people say Duncan could be available in the fall, especially if his continuing ascendancy doesn’t continue to continue. However he can’t appear in any scenes with other cats or the coyote unless the other cats and the coyote are heavily insured. Duncan’s people suggest the other cats and the coyote might want to use stunt doubles for their scenes with Duncan.

  • XUP

    Hmmm, maybe my memory is going, but I could have sworn “funny looking” weren’t the exact words you used to describe Drexel yesterday.

  • Morty would hump ALL of your cats into submission, folks.

  • Ha. Morty and whose army??

  • Awesome mug!.. I have one that looks like my old cat Monkey. I’d like to get one that looks like anyone of my kids, but they are all so odd looking

  • Ha ha, valerie. I suspect that’s the problem with David’s cat too. (Not that there’s anything wrong with being odd looking.)

  • looks like you missed my table…

    oh well, I made $300 to put in the street art making fund…

  • In the spirit of BookCrossing, let me announce the first ever art release!

    Release will take place this upcoming Thursday the 12th, 4:30 PM. Location to be released…

  • Morty doesn’t need an army. He’s growing balls now. Real ones.

  • Elmaks, you had a table?? Where were you? I made about six passes through the place (only one pass on the upper level though…were you up there somewhere?) Damn.

    I love the idea of an art release! I used to release books through BookCrossing, and I found a few too.

    Andrea – are you going to let him keep them?

  • He can keep them for a year, and then snip snip. Poor little man.

  • I was over by the river.

  • There was a river??
    Oh, by the way, I did have a chat with Stefan Thompson at his booth, and he said he was going to start leaving more art in the swap boxes.

  • GW

    Chandler is Art. She’s been on the cover of mags & in books & I think of my collection of her as my retirement fund. She would probably make a mug with Drexel on it, if someone would give her a pic. You can google her …

  • well, well, this is what blogs are. How fun. My friend sent me the link with the photo of my ginger cat mug. My cats all crowded around the computer ( sitting on my head and such) and loved the conversation. They laughed and laughed.
    Just for the record I do draw pictures of animals and people on pots by commission. Does Drexel really have 3 legs?

  • Chandler Swain!! Wow – a visiting celebrity artist! Yes, I’m afraid it’s true about poor little Drexel. She’s been searching everywhere for the man who shot her paw. You can see a video of her searching in vain right here on David Scrimshaw’s blog. (He’s the man who stole her from Manon, who inherited her from Eric. She’s such a brave kitty, considering.)

  • Aggie – I like your guy a lot too. He wasn’t at Art in the Park was he??

    GW – thank you for pointing that out, you’re absolutely right. Here’s my other Chandler Swain piece, which my mom gave me for my birthday a few years ago.

  • Art Release tomorrow- at the vacant Gilmour St. lot (just west of Elgin)…4:30 PM!

  • I went searching for it after work, but I couldn’t even find a vacant lot on Gilmour just west of Elgin…unless it was the parking lot beside Aunt Olive’s. I did check the parking lot out pretty thoroughly, but didn’t find anything. I even checked out east of Gilmour in case you’re one of those directionally challenged people. 😉

  • GW

    And a very nice Chandler it is. Shall I add your email address to Chandler’s show list? (okay, okay, full disclosure time, I know her, she’s great, I love her work & we hold her Christmas show in our house).

    BTW, the vacant lot is on the south side of Gilmour where a wonderful old house used to be, lived in by squatters who were trying to save it, pointing out how desperately low income housing is needed in the neighbourhood. They lost and the #&%$# owner had it torn down.

  • GW, yes, add me to the list! (soozoom at yahoo dot com)

    I swear I looked high and low for an empty lot and could not find one. But now that I think about it, I’ve never been accused of being especially observant…

  • J.

    I love the mug. Very unique.