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I got my llama at level 23

Zoom-Zoom and her Llama

Zoom-Zoom and her Llama

I’m taking a brief break from embarrassing myself with previously untold tales from the relationship crypt, to show you a picture of me and my Farmtown llama. I do this only because The Elgin Street Irregulars are on a quest for llamas. (Click the picture for a larger view – unless of course you’re scared of llamas.)

4 comments to I got my llama at level 23

  • Carmen

    Llama “wool”….to spin and knit…!!! Now you need a spinning wheel on your farm, and knitting needles!

  • Lo

    we have two llama or alpaca types living around the corner if you want me to snap a shot. we drive by them every morning and we named them. Oh, and they seem to ‘hibernate’ inside during the winter…

  • Julia

    Fruit trees AND a puppy dog! I lurves your place.
    And I seem to have a fondness for almost all the ungulates.

  • kim

    Yay for the llama! My cousin raises them in Virginia.