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What the parrot told me

Just a quick update.

1. Oboe’s still making progress. Little baby steps. Today was the first day he didn’t weigh less than the day before. 44 grams, same as yesterday. He has lost 20% of his body weight in nine days. But he’s starting to eat more on his own, he’s much brighter, he spends time on a perch (instead of in his cave on the floor of his cage), and he chirps occasionally.

2. Duncan’s coming home today. (And he thanks Bonnie for pointing out that the reason he had to chew through the dog food bag was to see if there was a MOUSE in there.)

3. We’ve discovered that Rosie whimpers when we leave her alone. We know this because Simon the African Grey has added dog whimpers to his vocal repertoire. Rosie actually spends very little time alone because she goes to work with GC, who works in his basement. But on those rare occasions when she does get left behind, she whimpers. That’s what Simon says, anyway.

4. We made 4,000 more bottles of wine today.

5. I had an enjoyable (albeit puzzling) conversation on the bus yesterday with an elderly man whose favourite lottery is Cash for Life. I couldn’t help pointing out that that kind of lottery (which pays you a set amount per month until you die) is far more favourable to younger lottery players than older ones, and he said that’s okay, he’s planning to put the money aside for his grandchildren, who are still young.

6 comments to What the parrot told me

  • Bonnie

    you’re welcome Duncan!

  • As for the old man lottery player we have determined that if we won we’d give the ticket to our son. We’d take 3/4 of the money till we die and he can have the whole thing after that. The only problems are that if he dies before us we have told him he’ll be cut off and then there’s the ever present,”beat the 14,000,000 to 1 odds.

  • Omigodomigodomigodomigod that lottery thing is hilarious. When I encounter that kind of situation, I tell myself that they’re probably putting me on (as is often the case when I’m in the crazy seat)

    – RG>

  • did the elderly man happen to look like any of the Monty Python crew? that is a great story… so glad to hear the little one is doing ok.

  • sassy

    My dog has separation anxiety and also whimpers, only sometimes now, when left alone. She is also a rescue and is getting better about being left alone but it has taken some time.

    4000 bottles of wine, that’s a lot of wine!!

    Nice to read that Oboe continues to improve, I hope his welcome home to Duncan goes well.

  • Julia

    I am glad Oboe is improving. Poor wee thing.

    You had a web cam for the love birds. Maybe you could set it up and turn it on Rosie when you leave and then you would know what goes on? I never thought my Uma did anything bad when I was out (well, except for the time when she ate the yellow pages) but one day, a neighbour told me he had heard her barking and barking in the house, all alone. That is funny that Simon now whimpers like a dog. Does he say anything yet? I can’t remember.