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Last chance to join

Paul DewardI’ve pretty much always voted NDP, but now I’m an official card-carrying member. I signed up last week so I can help choose the next leader of the Official Opposition and the first New Democratic Prime Minister of Canada. Woohoo!

There are a number of impressive candidates running for Leader of the NDP. I’m voting for Paul Dewar because he’s my MP and I have a lot of respect for him, both politically and personally. I like his priorities, his values, the way he thinks, and his friendly, down-to-earth personality.

I try not to place too much emphasis on personality when I vote, but Paul’s a genuinely good human being, and that matters to me.

I knew his mother, Marian Dewar, long before she became the Mayor of Ottawa. I knew her when she was the nurse at my high school. She had a way of ensuring everybody felt like they mattered, which is no easy feat in a high school. It came naturally to her, and we all loved her for it. That quality, among many others, served her well in politics and in life, and I think she passed it down to Paul.

Last night GC and I attended Paul Dewar’s Friend-Raising event at the CUBE Gallery. One of his team urged everybody to try to sign up at least one new member today, before the midnight deadline. So this is my way of trying to do that. I hope at least one of you will join the NDP today.

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