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I'm starting to wish I hadn't joined the NDP

I can hardly wait until March 24th when all the NDP leadership candidates stop compaigning for my vote. My phone has been ringing off the hook with recorded messages from different candidates and their various supporters, telling me why I should vote for them, or inviting me to participate in electronic town halls and other events.

Maybe if there were fewer candidates, or if they weren’t so prolific, it wouldn’t be as disruptive and annoying. It’s getting expensive, too, since I pay for all my weekday minutes, including voice mail. Honestly, when I joined the party I didn’t realize that my phone number would be given to all the candidates. I’m not sure I would have signed up had I known that. (The barrage of email from the candidates is considerably less annoying than the phone calls, but it’s excessive too.)

Anyway. Just one more week to go.

4 comments to I’m starting to wish I hadn’t joined the NDP

  • Anne

    Ugh, I totally agree. The calls and emails are incredibly excessive. Especially so since I voted in advance so I really don’t care what they have to say at this point!

  • Julia

    As soon as I get any prerecorded phone call on my cell, the instant I recognize it as such, I hit the red stop button. I don’t care who is calling. Then I only waste one minute (I don’t think I have portions of minutes but at least that helps.) You’d think they’d know better.

  • jacqui583

    I am SO with you on this! I was getting calls every day on behalf of one particular candidate (as well as the odd ones for others) until I called his campaign office to have my number taken off the call list. I’ve also messaged on the NDP webpage asking how I can get off of all the calling lists but have received no reply. With all the talk about the robocalls you’d think they’d rethink this tactic.