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The Fountain of Youth contains....water?

pride21GC and I marched in the Pride parade last weekend! First time for both of us. I was working there and GC volunteered to pitch in. It was a terrific event for people-watching. The people lining the streets to watch the parade were, I think, more entertaining than your average spectators. We were behind the Bruce House hootenanny float, so heehaw!

zoomgcprideAfter the parade, we worked at an information booth for a few hours. We were giving away flashing red ribbons and key drives in exchange for people sharing their tips about health and happiness.

As you might expect, a lot of people talked about eating healthy and getting enough exercise. But there were some unique answers too, like eat mangoes, and spend time with rabbits, and drink booze.

pride1At one point three women came by and I struck up a conversation with them. It turned out that two of the women were the mothers of the other woman. And the mother who had actually given birth to that daughter has four children and nine grandchildren. She didn’t look old enough to be a grandmother. (Really she didn’t; I wasn’t just saying that.) They laughed and told me that when they arrived at the Pride Info Fair earlier in the day, the three of them went to buy drink tickets, and the ticket-seller asked only one of them for ID – the grandmother of the nine children! Her daughter didn’t even get carded, just her.

I have to say I was pretty eager to see what she wrote on her healthy/happy living card, because this woman seemed to have discovered the proverbial fountain of youth. Turns out her age-defying secret is lots of sleep and plenty of water.

So what do you think? Which one is the daughter, and which one is the grandmother who has to carry ID if she’s hoping to drink?

10 comments to The Fountain of Youth contains….water?

  • I’m going to guess that the lady in the centre is the daughter, and the one on the right (the tallest one) is the grandmother?? She really does look too young for that, though.

  • kayT

    I think the one on the left, the shortest one, is the oldest. Partly her looks and partly because all the women I know are taller than their mothers!

  • Deb

    I think oldest on the left, mother in the middle and granddaughter on the right

  • mosprott

    mother 1 on left, mother 2 (fountain of youth) in middle, daughter on right?

  • Did you cut your hair? (And I think the one in the middle is the daughter, or the one on the right?)

  • I’ll tell you tomorrow which one is which, just in case anybody else wants to guess first.
    Yes, I cut my hair. It’s been short for quite awhile now, and most of the time I like it better. (As someone who never really mastered the art of hair styling, longer hair was always a bit of a crap shoot. Some days it looked good, other days it looked bad, and I had no control over it…if I was going to a job interview or a wedding or something, I just had to cross my fingers and hope for a good hair day!)

  • kim

    I agree with mosprott

  • Okay, you’re mostly all wrong. The daughter is in the middle. The woman on the right (the tall one) is the mother of four and grandmother of nine. She’s the biological mother of the one in the middle. The one on the left is the other mother of the one in the middle.

    So make sure you get lots of sleep and drink plenty of water!

  • Lucy

    I guessed right!

  • I got it wrong too. Water and sleep. Aiming at that.