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You haven’t missed the West End Studio Tour yet

Garrie Bea Joyce’s tools

We spent much of Sunday visiting artists on the West End Studio Tour. (It’s on again next weekend, in case you missed it.) We started at Garrie Bea Joyce’s studio because she was in our mixed media art course last year.

Garrie was light years ahead of the rest of us. […]

The Catwalk

GC and I did the Catwalk on Sunday. The Centretown Art Tour. You get to visit 11 artists in their homes/studios.

Artists have such interesting homes. Mostly trippy little apartments with lots of light and well-painted walls with good art on them. I actually started to miss apartment living.

We started with Meaghan Haughian because she’s […]

Pain, popes and tiny penises

When I said it was going to be a good week, I forgot to factor in the fact that because I’m having surgery on Thursday, I have to stop taking some of my meds beforehand. Something to do with blood thinning and internal bleeding; the nurses were very stern about it.

Yesterday was my first […]

How to make art on the floor

Sometimes I like to do art on the living room floor instead of in my art room. It feels more like playing when you do it on the floor.

Of course it takes a few minutes to get set up. As you can see from this picture, I gathered all my supplies, and I took […]

Switching gears

Like Laurie Kingston says, it’s not ALL about breast cancer. So I’m going to try to think about – and blog about – other things too, as if everything were not profoundly different now.

You know that wacky bright yellow condemned house on Gladstone Avenue? I love that house. It’s got its own movie now! Go […]

Wacky art in a narrow hallway

Our mixed media course with Dipna Horra at the Ottawa School of Art has come to an end.

We spent the last 3-hour class hanging our art in the display windows, which was no mean feat. I won’t go into the gory details, but maybe it’s not such a good idea to cram 13 art […]

Sheep, crows, and newspaper art

I had intended to write a post last week introducing the new banner/masthead at the top of, and asking for your feedback. But all that layoff stuff took over my brain and I didn’t do it. In the meantime, some of you sharp-eyed readers noticed the new banner and left comments about it on […]

Have we stopped doing stuff?

I had breakfast at Irene’s with GC, Robin, XUP and Hella Stella this morning. It was a do-over breakfast since our previous attempt to get together was thwarted by XUP’s child’s delicate bones.

During the course of breakfast, XUP inquired as to whether GC and I have stopped doing things, since I apparently have not […]

I sold art! And bought art!

The silent art auction was a blast. We ate, drank, socialized, and we got some phenomenally good deals on art too, since the blizzard and bus strike kept a lot of people home.

Me, by Scott Amey

That doesn’t mean we got to waltz off with everything we wanted though. Scott Amey, who runs Irene’s […]

Everybody’s Art Show TONIGHT

Tonight’s the night we’ve been waiting for!

What: Everybody’s Art Show
Where: Irene’s Pub, 885 Bank Street, in the Glebe
When: Wednesday January 28th, starting at 6:30 p.m.
What exactly: A silent auction of about 35 pieces of original art donated by various artists and regulars who frequent Irene’s Pub. It includes Zoom and GC’s first collaborative piece, […]