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Spam and raptors

My blogging software automatically detects spam comments and keeps them in a separate file for me, so I can go through them later and verify that they are indeed spam.

The vast majority really are spam. They have nothing to do with the content of the blog posts, and their sole purpose is to try […]

Freaky bird sighting

Yesterday afternoon I was walking around the Experimental Farm, soaking up Indian Summer and watching the Canada Geese and the crows, when I noticed a peculiar bird way up high in a tree. He was sharing the tree with two crows. He looked like a crow too, but he was much bigger. He was closer […]

Sheep, crows, and newspaper art

I had intended to write a post last week introducing the new banner/masthead at the top of, and asking for your feedback. But all that layoff stuff took over my brain and I didn’t do it. In the meantime, some of you sharp-eyed readers noticed the new banner and left comments about it on […]

Mystery Shot Contest continues…

Clue #2

Despite many clever guesses, there are still no winners in Zoom’s First Mystery Shot Contest. Therefore, the contest continues with Clue #2. See the original post for Clue #1 and contest rules, prizes and fine print.

In other news, remember my crow pottery than some of you lusted after? Well, the artist, Chandler Swain, […]