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Near-death experiences

I read the other day – I don’t remember where – that when you think you’re about to die, you panic, but when you know you’re about to die, you become very serene.

I’ve thought I was on the brink of death three times in my life. The first time was when I choked on a […]

It’s been a year

This is a rather significant anniversary week for me. A year ago on Tuesday the lump in my breast was discovered. (I didn’t start blogging about it until May, when it was officially diagnosed, but it was a year ago I learned I might have cancer.) A year ago tomorrow I lost my job of […]

Not feeling much like me

It’s been a funny sort of week. The weather is glorious and everybody else seems to be feeling the weight of winter being lifted from their shoulders. People look lighter and happier.

Not me. I’ve been feeling unusually stressed out and a little depressed the past few weeks.

A bunch of things are weighing […]

Cancer makes some people uncomfortable

Getting cancer – or perhaps more accurately, living with cancer – has really de-mystified the disease for me, and stripped it of its psychological power. It’s no longer the boogeyman it once was.

Even so, I can tell it’s still the boogeyman for a couple of my friends, who seem uncomfortable with the fact I […]

A call from the doctor

I got a call yesterday from someone wanting to schedule an ultrasound of my breast. I was sure there had to be some kind of misunderstanding, since I already had an ultrasound of my breast last month, but no, there was no misunderstanding. My cancer surgeon, Dr. Arnaout, ordered another ultrasound after seeing the results […]

The day I got cancer

There was a day – a single specific day – on which I got cancer. I don’t know what day it was, except it was probably about four or five years ago because that’s how long it takes breast cancer to grow from a single mutated cell into a discoverable lump.

Four or five years […]

Warts, wars and the language of cancer

A while back I was checking out the career resources section at Chapters. I was startled by the number of books with aggressive titles. Good is Not Enough. Bullet-Proof Your Job. Knock ’em Dead. Power Talk: Using Language to Build Authority and Influence.

It struck me that the language of job-hunting is overtly masculine, which […]