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Ernie does St. John's

Ernie here. This is my third and final honeymoon post. Then I’ll turn the blog back over to Zoom, and I’ll go back to sitting on the shelf with Bert. Ho hum.

First thing we did in St. John’s was check into our new home. (We found it through Airbnb, which is very cool and […]

Honeymooning in Dildo, by Ernie

Hi, it’s me, Ernie, with Part II of our honeymoon.

After our five blissful days in Trinity East, we headed back to St. John’s for a couple of days. Along the way we took a little detour to the village of Dildo, just because it’s called Dildo. Here I am at the Post Office. This […]

A Guest Post by Ernie: The Honeymoon, Part I

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter H and the number 3.
That’s because the 3 of us – Zoom, GC and me – went to Newfoundland for our Honeymoon!

The license plate of the car we rented was HZG, which stands for Honeymoon Zoom GC. (They forgot the E for Ernie.)

Here […]