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The politically (and otherwise) incorrect former mayor

I see Larry O’Brien has apologized. At the official unveiling of his portrait at City Hall last night, he told a reporter he was sorry about the racial slur. Instead of saying “The Spics are getting too much air time,” he says he should have said the Latinos were asking too many parochial questions.

So […]

Larry steps in it again

Our former mayor, Larry O’Brien, has managed to publicly disgrace himself once again. This time it was by being openly racist on his public Twitter account. David Reevely, of the Ottawa Citizen, blogged the details, including the follow-up exchange with O’Brien.

Now Larry has blogged about it, giving himself a big fat pat on the […]

Larry O'Brien endorses Ron Paul

Larry O’Brien has declared Ron Paul as his hope for President of the United States. He likes his economic policies, which include immediately balancing the budget while eliminating the Federal Reserve and abolishing income taxes! You’d think Larry might have learned from his own failed attempts at budgeting that some things are not mathematically possible. […]

Another Larry 2.0 fail

One of my pet peeves is automated telephone advertising. A machine calls my telephone and leaves a lengthy recording advertising something at me. I’ve had five calls recently from some recording saying a new newspaper is starting up here in Ottawa, and I should call soon to reserve my very own paper route. If […]

Mayor Larry 2.0: Confess, accuse and refuse to debate

So what did y’all think of Mayor Larry’s confession that he was a lousy mayor? I thought it was an unusual campaign tactic. Basically he’s saying “You know what, I realize I sucked as a mayor, but I’ve learned from my mistakes, so I’m asking you to give me another chance.”

Part of me wants to […]

Moving the bus station?

Mayor Larry wants to move the Voyageur/Greyhound bus station out to the east end, where the train station is. He says it’s because “a transportation hub combining train, buses and the city’s proposed light-rail transit would be good for all parties and would benefit Ottawa residents and visitors.”

This explanation doesn’t make sense to […]

Green Bin Program contaminated by funding issues

Green Bins being delivered

I got my Green Bin yesterday and I like it. A lot. The program sounds good too – from what I understand, the high temperatures achievable by the huge volume of our collective organic waste is going to make this a very efficient way of breaking down garbage. All kinds of […]