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Vote for Duncan!

We accompanied Duncan to his Christmas photo shoot with the lovely and talented Jamie Wolfe Phillips from Digital Impressions. It was a fundraiser hosted by Duncan’s vet clinic – the Merivale Cat Hospital – in support of the Cat Rescue Network.

Now we have to choose our favourite photo from among these four and we […]

No more dumpster diving

In addition to getting rid of stuff, successful decluttering also requires that you stop bringing stuff home. Stop buying, stop thrifting, stop dumpster diving, stop online shopping, stop bringing more clutter into the house.

A couple of days ago I was walking to work and listening to Dan Savage’s podcast (The Savage Lovecast) when I […]

Some cuteness and some happy news

I found all these on I hope they’re not too cute!

In other news, blog reader Dawn contacted the NCC about my Skateway Robbery post, and the young man who was charged for 13 hours of skate rental received a significant refund. Yay! (See the comments in that post to read the email Dawn received […]

Hooked on the Hipstamatic

My sister, Mudmama, detests telephones. I’m not crazy about them either, but I’m not as phobic as she is. I can answer the phone, and if I really, really have to, I can make a call.

I don’t know why we have this fear of phones. Maybe it was because we had a party line […]