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A funeral procession for a slain police officer

I attended Constable Eric Czapnik’s funeral procession today. I didn’t know exactly what to expect, since I’d never witnessed a cop’s funeral procession before. But it was a pretty impressive sight, and a remarkable display of solidarity.

Lately I haven’t known what to think of cops anymore. I’ve met some who don’t deserve my respect, and […]

Crime Prevention Ottawa on the chopping block

I read with interest yesterday that in the interests of holding our tax increase to 3.9%,   the City of Ottawa is considering getting rid of Crime Prevention Ottawa.

I’ve attended a couple of community meetings organized by Crime Prevention Ottawa, and frankly I wasn’t all that impressed.

I’m in favour of crime prevention, but CPO’s approach to […]

TimeRaisers 2009: The one that got away

It was a busy, busy weekend, including a brief trip to Montreal, the TimeRaisers event on Saturday night, and the Vintage Clothing Sale on Sunday, with knitting, novel-writing, novel-reading and breakfast eating crammed into random little pockets of time.

TimeRaiser was even better this year than last, because they simplified and streamlined the whole thing. It’s […]

The Bank Street Bully walks away

Police watchdog drops blogger case (Ottawa Citizen, September 25, 2009)

And so ends another chapter in the life of the Bank Street Bully.

There are no surprises here. But how come, in the Citizen article, everything I said or wrote is qualified by words like “allegedly” or “claimed,” which makes it sound like I’m lying? And […]

Last Shift at Shepherds

If you’ve ever driven past the Shepherds of Good Hope, on Murray Street near King Edward, you might have felt a little intimidated by the clusters of ragged street people who live on the fringes of society and who congregate outside the shelter. Some of them smoke and talk amongst themselves. Some talk to themselves. […]


Did you hear about Project CRACKDOWN and the resulting police sweep of the Byward Market? The Ottawa Police’s Street Crimes Unit spent four months investigating open drug use in the Market and then conducted a sweep of low-level street dealers on Thursday in preparation for tourist season.

Tourist season.

Think about it. That’s how we define […]

I’m starting to wonder about the Ottawa Police

GC and I dropped into my local community centre on Thursday evening for Meet the Chief night.

But there was no sign of Police Chief Vern White.

“Where’s the Chief?” I asked my city councilor, Maria McRae, who organized the event.

She explained that the Chief couldn’t make it, but he’d sent his Inspector in his […]

Bank Street Bully – final update

Officer Post: The Bank Street Bully

I called the Ottawa Police the other day to request a status update on the investigation into the Bank Street Bully incident in December.

The investigating officer told me, in essence, that the investigation by the Professional Standards Section has gone nowhere and will be closed soon. The unconscious […]

Street beat and street art

Okay, I did it. I met with the investigating officers from the Professional Standards section of the Ottawa Police regarding their investigation into the events that led to my Bank Street Bully post. They interviewed me quite thoroughly this afternoon in my living room. (I requested that we meet here because of the bus […]

The next post

You know what? It’s hard to write the next post after the Bank Street Bully posts.

Until this week, the most attention this blog ever got was when the Yarn Harlot mentioned it last January and two thousand knitters came to visit on a single day. The most comments a single post had ever generated […]