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Should I adopt the world’s biggest cat?

Potentially my cat I went to the Humane Society thinking about two brown tabby kittens. Or maybe one delicate little cat for now with the possibility of adding a kitten to the mix later on. Instead, I came THIS close to adopting this lion.

He is, without question, the most magnificent creature at the Humane Society. His name is Fraser, but if I adopt him I will change it to something more reflective of his magnificence.

I got in the adoption lineup three times, but never clinched the deal. Each time I ended up thinking I needed more time to think it through. I blame this in part on my indecisive Libra nature, and in part on the fact that this is an awful lot of cat. Maybe he’s too much cat for me.

He’s a cat of considerable substance. He weighs almost 25 pounds (10.5 kg). He completely fills up my lap. He’s got long hair. He’s six years old. He’s recovering from dental surgery. He doesn’t like other cats at ALL.

But he likes people and children and he seems to like me. And I do like him.

The third time in the lineup I was planning to put down a $20 deposit on him. But then the adoption counselor asked me if I was aware of his grooming needs. I had specifically asked the attendant about this, and she had said once or twice a week he would need to be combed and brushed. The adoption counselor said no, it would be once every day or two for fifteen or twenty minutes (possibly longer if he’d doesn’t like being groomed).

I don’t know if I can commit to a cat whose hair needs more care than my own.

I thought about this on the way home.

“I don’t know if I’m ready to make such a monumental commitment,” I said.

“You raised a child,” I replied.

“Yes,” I acknowledged, “but he wasn’t an especially well-groomed child.”

“True,” I conceded, “but he was a well-loved child.”

I couldn’t argue with that. I did raise a well-loved scruffy little urchin. Maybe I can raise a lion.

What do you think? Should I get this guy? Or should I wait for a smaller, less hairy, less substantial, lower-maintenance cat?


17 comments to Should I adopt the world’s biggest cat?

  • Deb

    He looks like our Fergus. Go for it.

  • Perhaps you need a second visit? I fell for a magnificent beast at the Humane Society before getting my current cat. I was overwhelmed, left to think about it, came back, and he was gone. Then, I found my delightful blue Russian, who is more quirky than magnificent, but I adore him.

  • Liz

    He’s a lot of cat! A fine looking cat, no doubt. The only thing I would think hard about is that he doesn’t like ANY other cats… What if a stray you couldn’t resist turned up?

    Speaking of strays… Lady Black has got a tattoo after all! In black, way in the back of her black ear. The SPCA has tried to alert the registered owners, but two days have gone by and no one has called them back. So, maybe Lady Black has already been given to someone else without the tattoo being updated, or else she traveled many miles to yowl on my patio and scratch at my screen.
    The SPCA also advised us that we’re not allowed to give the cat away, but must take her to a shelter before the tattoo can be updated. And then the new owners (not necessarily the ones I know who already want her) will have to bid on her.
    The shelter lady did say also that many people in our position simply find a good home for the poor critter and bypass the authorities, for which they are grateful since they are packed to the rafters with critters looking for homes… Still, her tattoo will be rendered useless and should she get lost or abandoned again it might not turn out well.
    I’ll update as the life and times of Lady Black unfolds.

    Good luck with your quest for the feline (fe-lion) of your dreams!

  • Do you really want to brush a cat for 20 minutes a day? I was with you up until there. I love cats, and I love orange cats, and he seems like an especially glorious cat, but 20 minutes? That’s a lot of brushing. There are lots of lovable cats out there.

  • Annie

    Oh, what a beauty! He looks just like our cat Max, who we lost a few years ago. Max was a ginger longhair and had some Maine Coone in him, but he wasn’t 25 pounds. Max also needed to be brushed a lot, and despite our best efforts he still had to be groomed every spring. It was no big deal. He always had a lion cut and was, without doubt,the LION KING!

    If he’s happy on your lap he’ll probably be just as happy having you brush him rather than stroking him. It sounds like he’s already found a place in your heart. I say go for it.

  • Scruffy little urchin

    It’s possible he just doesn’t like the other cats in the humane society… remember how much Flea hated Pavlov? Flea eventually got used to him though, an eye of Pavlov’s later.

    I say you get Jabba in all his magnificence, let him grow his dreadlocks, and get a couple of kittens too.

  • grace

    This is weird but I’ve been admiring Fraser’s face all week. There have been six of us (three daughters, eldest’s fiance, my sweetie and me) plus two cats living in our small apartment since Christmas Eve but I have been looking at shelter kitties obsessively. Now I know why! Your cat is gorgeous . . .

  • Oma

    I think you would have to do that brushing or get him clipped like Sushi, Sue. With all that hair the undercoat would get matted really easily and a matted undercoat is painful for the animal. Maybe ask Orley how much attention is needed for a cat like Sushi or Fraser. (They are about the same size, by the way … and Sushi’s temperament seems similar too.)

  • Greencolander

    It’s Fraser! I took that picture. He’s going to be the “Pet of the Week” in this Sunday’s Ottawa Sun. So if you decide to not get him, don’t feel guilty. He’s going to be famous. :)

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  • Linda Anne

    Go for it Zoom – by nature, ginger cats are considered to be affectionate and cuddly. A friend of mine has one names Ziggy and he is absolutely adorable. We also had stray ginger that we nick-named Rusty – he regularly visted our cat and they would play and tumble all over the backyard – it was hilarious.

    Cheers – Linda Anne

  • I was told the same thing by my vet when I got my cat and 8 years later I’ve only brushed her twice.

    She grooms herself a lot and she’s never tangled. I just brushed her a few times when she would shed in the spring just to save from cleaning up the hair after.

  • Ciaochow

    Hey, dentistry has just been done – that’s great! Nice savings down the road. Aside from that… he’s definitely a magnificat and something tells me you’ve already decided he’s yours. If the hair is too much of a chore, you can get him a lion cut in the summer and just brush him in the colder months.

  • Lushley

    Dropping everything for 20 minutes to sit and comb a sucky cat sounds like a good thing to me. Your blood pressure will thank you.

  • I’m with Lushley (above). Grooming is also a great way for the pack to bond.

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