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The secret, revealed!

I think GC might have felt ever so slightly offended when I suggested recently that he was incapable of keeping a secret. I say this because several people tried their hardest to pry this particular secret out of him over the past few days, and his lips remained firmly sealed. Me, on the other hand, I blurted out the secret to every single person I ran into.

And now I’m going to spill it to you, too – one day in advance.

Tomorrow afternoon we’re getting a new addition to our family! We met him last weekend. His name is Kazoo. He’s a 13-year-old French-speaking double yellow headed Amazon parrot! (I know that sounds like he has two heads, which would be even cooler, but he only has one.)

We’re going to sit together at the dining room table and share sunflower seeds while listening to opera music. He’s going to teach me how to speak French, and I’m going to teach him how to speak English. GC’s going to teach him how to talk like Ernie from Sesame Street. We’re going to have sooooo much fun!

I know you’re all wondering where Duncan fits into the equation. I believe Duncan will find Kazoo very interesting, especially at first. I will supervise them carefully. Amazon parrots are pretty big birds, and I think they can take care of themselves. A well-time nip, if necessary, will send a very clear message to Duncan that Kazoo is out of his league. Years ago I babysat some Amazon parrots for someone for awhile. I was worried my cats would hurt them, but the instant the cats approached the cage, the parrots read them the riot act, and after that the cats gave the parrots a very wide berth. I think Kazoo is a gentler bird than those guys were, and Duncan is a gentler cat than those cats were, so hopefully the message can be delivered with a minimum of trauma all around.

I’ll post pictures of Kazoo tomorrow!

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