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Icy Exteriors

Does anyone else feel that this winter is whizzing by? Usually by February 1st I feel like winter’s been going on forever and I feel totally mired in it and I’m miserable and calculating how many days til I think it might end. I’m usually sick of all the layers and the cold and the wind and the messy sidewalks and shoveling the steps. I’m fed up with putting on my boots and taking off my boots. I’ve had enough of root vegetables. I feel oppressed by the monochromatic colour scheme. By February 1st, I’m craving light and air and colour and warmth.

But this year, not so much. Winter’s whipping right by. I feel like it’ll be over soon. This winter feels qualitatively different from all the other winters. Easier. Lighter on its feet. Warmer.

I hear there’s a storm coming tomorrow. Maybe that’ll fix me.

Remember I was taking part in a challenge to walk the equivalent distance from Adelaide Australia to Whyalla during January? I did it. I walked about 395 km, or 505,432 steps. Yay me.

Kazoo cracked us up the other day. As you may recall, I have a few mannequins around the house. One of them, Genevieve, stands next to the dining room table. Kazoo’s perch, where he eats dinner, is next to her. He often eyes her with interest (she’s very pretty, and I think he likes the fact that she doesn’t make any sudden moves). The other evening he tried to strike up a conversation with her. He looked at her and said in his most conversational tone, “Hello.” She didn’t respond. So he tried again in his sexiest voice. “Hellllllooooooo.” Genevieve is a little standoffish, but I think it’s only a matter of time until he starts melting her icy exterior.

What else is new? Hmm. The baby birds are coming along nicely. They are eating real food now, and only get hand-fed twice a day. One of them has weaned himself completely. They can all fly except Jeebus, but he can perch now. I love feeding him. He is such a focused, tidy and appreciative eater. I remember when I first started feeding him, I had to wear glasses in order to see his tiny little beak, and he’d be a formula-covered mess by the time I was finished. Now he sits up straight in the bunnykins bowl and does almost all the work himself, hardly spilling a drop.

GC and I had such a good time at the museum of Nature on Saturday. Have you been yet, since they renovated? It’s quite spectacular, the way they’ve blended the old and the new. We loved it. Even the rock exhibits, which always bored me in the past, seemed pretty amazing. Here are some of the things we saw:

7 comments to Icy exteriors

  • I don’t get winter weary until February, the longest month of the year. Although the worst storms have passed us by, we have more snow than usual, so instead of brown and gray, it is white. And I can work from home, so no unnecessary driving on icy roads – yay! Are you going to keep Jeebus? I can’t imagine anyone else taking such good care of him.

  • Cara

    I’ve thought winter has whipped by this year. Most years it feels like it will never end but not this year. In fact, I started getting a bit stressed when I realized how many of my winter plans might be unfulfilled because I’m running out of time.

  • Kathleen & Casey

    I agree with you Zoom, winter is really going fast. Before we know it will be Easter. Congratulations on reaching your goal of 395 km. I am really impressed. That is so funny about Kazoo, what a little personality. Sounds like you are really getting close to Jeebus. What happened to the eggs, did you take them away? The pictures from the Museum of Nature are very nice. I am going to make it one of my things to do this month. Have a great one!!!

  • Abby, if I can find a good home for Jeebus, he’ll be going. But it will have to be a very special home for such a special little bird.

    Cara, me too! I haven’t even gone x-country skiing yet this year, or started knitting!

    Kathleen, I’ve been removing each egg individually for 24 hours, and then slipping it back when she’s not looking. There are three of them now! Maybe even four! I really need all these birds to stop reproducing….I’ve reached my limit.
    By the way, can I interest you in a baby bird or two?

  • I was thinking the same thing – this winter is just flying by. Of course, I have a trade show that Im planning for April, so Im pretty focused on that month – and for my state of mind and workload, April is coming far too fast!

  • Please please keep us updated about how Kazoo gets on with Genevieve!