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Let's try this again

Over the past few days, in the midst of all the craziness, we’ve received some warm and friendly emails from several different dog rescues, inviting us to take a look at their dogs.

This here is Dexter. Isn’t he wonderful? Not only is he absolutely adorable, but he’s affectionate and goofy, he currently lives with a cat and a parrot, and he’s a champion farter!

Here he is showing his dignified side for his Christmas picture.

We haven’t met him yet, but I’m already smitten.

54 comments to Let’s try this again

  • The one thing you can be sure of is that there is no lack of great dogs to be found at shelters of all kinds in practically every city in the country. Dexter looks fantastic s long as he’s not related to that serial killer guy on the TV. Probably just a name coincidence.

  • Oh, I’m so glad to hear that you’ve gotten friendly emails from other dog rescues. That other business had me really upset on your behalf, as well as on the behalf of other potential dog adopters and adoptees. What infuriating ridiculousness!

    I agree that Dexter is adorable. Such an expressive face!

  • He is a seriously handsome fellow. I hope Duncan isn’t the jealous type!

    • Duncan doesn’t strike me as the jealous type. He adapted to Logan and the birds and I think he’ll adapt to Dexter too, if we get him. Besides, Duncan really likes dog food and dog treats, so he’ll like having another dog around.

  • He looks lovely!!!! I love boxers, they are such clowns, great with kids, and they are big sucky loves. They’re quiet and smart too. I hope your meeting with him goes well. I bet he gives great kisses!

  • Is that a boxer?
    I have known two and they were the best dogs ever!!

  • This makes me so happy!

  • Hella Stella

    Aaaah. A champion farter. I know all about those types of dogs… Absolute jewels. I hope you all adore each other.

  • Rita

    Great to hear! Maggie Tabby and I will keep paws crossed your first meeting with Dexter goes well

  • deb

    That’s one honkin’ big collar. I am keeping my paws crossed too.

  • grace

    The first love of my life was a boxer. Fingers crossed Zoom. They are CHAMPION farters!

  • sassy

    My name is sassy and I approve this blog post. :)

  • I know that when you find the right dog, he or she will be one lucky pup. If Dexter turns out to be the one, he won’t know what hit ‘im with the waves of love.

  • I like the energy of boxers, which is what Dexter appears to be. He will be a handful, but if you’re willing to train him well, he’ll be a terrific companion. Don’t let those sweet “doggy eyes” get the better of you!

    • I think we’ll probably do obedience training. Mostly because GC and I both tend to be pushovers and easy marks. We both cave when confronted with puppy dog eyes. We need some training.

      • Most dog obediance classes are more for training owners, than the dogs! Unless the beastie has just Horrible beeding and absolutely no idea how to behave around humans, most dogs have an urge to please. Dexter has a “shine” to him, apparent even in these pictures, that show him focused on the person behind the lens. I think he’d be good material to work with, and will likely take to training very well. Good Luck!

  • Kathleen

    Dexter is one handsome fellow. I hope you get him. Casey also approves.

  • Heather

    Oooh, look at those soulful eyes!! Boxers are great… I can’t help but love any dog with wrinkly head.

    Maybe you can knit him a sweater for the winter. :-)

    My foster-guy just got his Christmas photos up too: And now he’s passed out upside down with his legs in the air. Hehehe

    • I love the wrinkly head too!
      (By the way, I keep catching GC sneaking peeks at your Luke. He says Luke reminds him of Logan, except for the colour.)

  • Those eyes! What a cutie!

    I have heard boxers are gassy, but it can be controlled with diet.

    Good luck!

    • Heather

      I’ve heard that pro-biotics help too. (Plain yogurt, or you can get a powder, I think, if they’re sensitive to dairy).

    • We like farty dogs. Apparently Dexter’s farts are more impressive from an audio perspective than from an olfactory perspective. What would be really funny is if the parrots started parroting Dexter’s farts.

      • Heather

        That would be SO funny if the parrots ‘parroted’ Dexter’s farting!! What a household!

        Sometimes my old old dog farts while taking a nap and it scares her enough that she jumps up and looks around trying to figure out what happened. Hehehe

  • I loooooooove boxers. This post makes me so happy for so many reasons, no matter how the story ends. Do keep us posted.

    • It makes me happy too Laurie. And you KNOW I’ll keep you posted!

      (Note to rescue orgs: One of the benefits of adopting to a blogger is that you get to follow along and see stories and pictures of the pet for the rest of its life.)

  • dexter!!!!!! i love a happy ending… fingers crossed.

    • Thanks Gail. I don’t know exactly how the story will end yet, but I’m pretty sure it will be end happily. :)

      Give Abby a kiss on the snout for me!

  • Every household needs a champion farter!

  • deb

    Heather, Luke looks like a sweetie.

    • I think she said he’s part border collie, part golden retriever, which would make him a mix of Sam and Logan. A very special combination.

    • Heather

      He sure is Deb! Luke’s exceedingly sweet & easy going — until he’s left alone, then he is quite sad and will do lots of whimpering. Poor guy. I wish he could be adopted by a retired person, someone who works from home, or he would be PERFECT as an office/shop dog. Not many of those adopters out there though…. :-/

      Dexter is so handsome. I like his floppy lips and shiny brindle coat.

      • Luke looks a lot like our Little Bear, (he’s lab and duck toller) and looks like a miniature flat coated retriever with a white flecked chin). I bet he’d be a good farm dog too with that breed combination. Work at home parents, but physical work and lots to see and do.

        • Heather

          Neat, I almost named him Bear!

          I just looked up duck tollers and they are very pretty. We guessed Border Collie and one of the Retrievers (maybe golden, flat coated or labrador).

          Luke would love farm life, I think. Though actually he is amazingly calm (for his breed), so would be an easy urban dog too.

  • Sheila

    What a sweetie! But he does look like he knows how to bat his eyelashes to get what he wants. He sounds like he will fit right in. Good luck!

  • Kristen

    I’m so glad to hear that you’ve not been turned off of the adoption process after your FG experience. Dexter is adorable! Brachicephalic (smoosh-faced) dogs take a little extra care since they tend to overheat easily. I know he would live indoors, but you’ll have to be very aware of his outdoor activity levels when temps get above ~75F. My pug doesn’t know when to stop running around and rehydrate. Boxers are probably even more prone to overexertion in the heat. I found that making drinking fun helps – I keep water in a sport bottle and squeeze it out so my pug will drink from the stream.

    I wish you the best of luck finding your new family member!

    • Yes, I read that you have to be a little bit extra careful with them in both hot weather and cold weather. We do volunteer work at The Oaks, where they have a resident dog named Uniqua. I think she’s a bulldog. They have to limit her summertime walks to 15 minutes because she’s at increased risk for heat stroke.

      As for pugs, my dad and his wife have one, and I would never have considered a pug until I got to know her. She’s a wonderful dog. Lots of personality and character and such an expressive face. Plus she’s smart. She lets me teach her tricks!