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Who says all the good ones are taken?

I stumbled across this guy on Facebook – he commented on a comment of mine, and when I clicked on his name, this is what popped up. (He lives in Toronto, in case any of you are interested.)

I am 5’11”, with short curly black hair, and brown eyes. I am of mixed culture, by that […]

Sewing. And sowing.

Sock Monkeys!

Just for the record, I no longer express myself politically by not sewing. I’m pleased to report that last night GC and I finished sewing our sock monkeys. (They’re not actually joined at the hip, they just look that way.)

GC fixing my sock

Mending’s another matter though. I don’t mend and […]

I lost a friend

My Facebook friend count dropped from 140 to 139 the other day and I can’t figure out who I lost. It was really bugging me too. Eventually I conceded that it’s too late: there is no way of determining which friend dumped me. But I’ve since jotted down all the names of my current […]

My other 17 pets

Did you know that in addition to Duncan I have seventeen other pets?

I haven’t blogged about them before because they’re kind of embarrassing.

They’re my Facebook Live Gift pets. It all started 23 days ago when I received a Facebook notification saying my brother had sent me a Live Gift. Did I want to see […]