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Ottawa’s Homelessness Report Card

Yesterday the Alliance to End Homelessness released their annual report card on how Ottawa is doing on the homelessness issue.

Not so good, apparently:

Based on a selection of indicators in each category in 2009, compared to those same indicators in 2008, Ottawa scored:

D for homelessness
E for length of shelter stay
C for housing
C for income.

If […]

800 rules and 26 million dollars

Awhile back I posted something about welfare cheating, which led to an interesting discussion in the comments about how extensive it might or might not be.

I just read an article on called The Poor-Bashing Bandwagon, by Jamie Swift.

Swift points out that:

1. Ontario’s social assistance recipients would need a 55% raise to bring their […]

Welfare fraud: A first-hand account

A few days ago I promised to tell you all about my experience as a welfare cheat. Julia, who is a lawyer, informs me there’s no statute of limitations on this, so I’ve invited a friend we’ll call Zoey to do a guest post about her experiences as a welfare cheat.

Zoey’s Story

I was a single […]

Doctors accused of welfare abuse

They’re calling it welfare abuse, and they’re accusing doctors of it.

Doctors can help nudge up the incomes of their welfare-dependent patients by completing a form that entitles them to some extra food money each month for health-related reasons. It’s called the Special Dietary Allowance. There are a number of qualifying health conditions, such as diabetes, […]