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Scandals within scandals!

This has been a crazy week for news in Canada! Scandals within scandals!

Between the scandal about the prime minister’s office covering up Conservative Senator Mike Duffy’s expense scandal, the sanitized Senate audit scandal, and the scandalous video of the Mayor of Toronto smoking crack, I’ve been riveted to my Twitter feed.

Key players […]

Balsamic vinegar and political puppets

I’d almost forgotten what it was like, cramming everyday life into the little pockets of time around the edges of work. I’m sure I’ll get better at it, but so far I’m pretty tired and I’m scrambling to get things done.

Then there’s Christmas. I’ve been watching from a safe distance on facebook as my friends […]

Insite comes to Ottawa

The Harper Government TM is still attempting to shut down Insite, Canada’s only supervised injection site. The case is now before the Supreme Court of Canada, which is where I spent yesterday morning.

I had to line up to go through a scanner, and empty my pockets and put metal things in a bin and so […]

Kazoo has spoken

This is what Kazoo thinks of Stephen Harper.

For the record, this was not staged. I didn’t even notice that Harper and the other candidates were lining his cage until I went to change the paper today.

Nor did I unduly influence Kazoo with my own well thought out and strongly held opinions; he and I […]