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Duncan's been immortalized AGAIN

duncan2You guys are NOT going to believe this. Remember two years ago when Duncan was immortalized in a piece of street art by Elmaks? Well, it’s happened again. This time he’s in a novel. I’m not kidding. I was reading a book, when suddenly, completely out of the blue, right there on page 37, there was Duncan. Duncan!

At first I thought maybe it was just a coincidence, but then, some pages later, there was a description of the cat, and it matched. I sent a message to the author, Rachael Herron*, and she confirmed it: the literary Duncan was modeled after our Duncan!

You really have no idea how thrilling it is to find your cat in a novel.

Duncan, of course, is pretty cool about the whole thing. He’s a cool cat. He says Johnny Depp is going to play him in the movie.

If you want to read the book, it’s called How to Knit a Love Song, by Rachael Herron. It’s a romance, but it’s a GOOD romance. I wrote the following review on Amazon:

“I don’t usually read romances, but was drawn to this one because of the knitting angle. I really like it. It’s entertaining, funny and charming, and it has some sizzling sex in it too. Best of all, it doesn’t trivialize women the way the romance novels of my youth did – the main character isn’t sitting around waiting to be rescued or swept off her feet or dragged kicking and screaming to some gothic castle where she will succumb to Stockholm Syndrome. The icing on the cake? It’s got a fabulous cat character in it. Terrific first novel. I’m looking forward to Herron’s next book.”

*Rachael Herron is the famous Californian knit blogger Yarnagogo, and she was instrumental in the conception and creation of the Zoom blanket.

8 comments to Duncan’s been immortalized AGAIN

  • sassy

    Yeah Duncan, can I get an 8 by 10 glossy of Duncan, paw printed of course?

  • deb

    Can I be one of Duncans twelve guests at the
    Academy Awards after it is made into a movie?

  • Sweet! And Duncan comes to the bloggy slump rescue.

  • reb

    Cookie wants to know if he going to do a calender of napping poses

  • My face just broke, splitting in a HUGE grin. Okay, so the jig’s up. And it really was Duncan. You know I’m in love with your cat. And you ARE MY FIRST AMAZON RATING EVER.

    Thank you for being my first. And for being nice to me. I really should have remembered to tell you I put Duncan in there, but I kinda thought no one would ever read it. :)

  • Em

    aw, this is cool. I love stuff like this. I’m going to have to read Rachel’s book. I’ve been following her forever, so it’d be stupid not to.

  • Sassy, Duncan’s merchandising manager is working on it as we speak.

    Deb, I’m not sure of the rules – will Duncan get 12 passes, or will Johnny Depp get them?

    Finola, Duncan’s always been there for me, on the other side of every blogging slump.

    Reb, Duncan says to tell Cookie she might want to wait for the Pet of the Month calendar. He’s Mr. October.

    Rachael, no, no, it was so much more fun to unexpectedly discover him in your novel. That’s why I’m not going to tell you that if I ever write a book, Digit will be in it. (I’m delighted to be your first Amazon reviewer, btw.)

    Em, read it, read it! Then we can both post reviews on Good Reads.

  • grace

    It speaks to how totally far out of it I’ve been lately that I missed this entry. Lucky and Ramona send their congrats to Duncan.