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Sad chalk message on the sidewalk

Friday morning I was walking to work along Somerset Street. It was a drizzly morning, so this sidewalk chalk message was probably still fresh yet destined to disappear almost immediately.

As I stopped to take a picture of it, my old friend Mike, who lives on Somerset Street, stepped out of his apartment building. We […]

Heartwarming Goodbyes

CCOC (Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation) wasn’t just a nice place to work. It turned out to be a nice place to leave, too.

On my last day of work, they took me out for a lovely lunch and presented me with a swap box (!) filled with goodies like antique office supplies and a bird’s nest […]

Sustainability, Ikea style

Chandler's dog, Willy

We went to Ikea on the way home from Chandler Swain’s house, where I had just purchased two lovely hand-crafted pottery bowls. Chandler Swain is my favourite potter. She lives and works out of a charming little house near Almonte. It is my dream to go stay in Chandler’s B&B one summer […]

Creating the right places

Yesterday we spent the afternoon filtering another 4,000 bottles of wine at The Oaks, for the Managed Alcohol Program. I learn a lot there, and it’s not just about winemaking. One of the managers is the chief winemaker while the original chief winemaker travels the world. Since filtering wine involves about 20 minutes of waiting […]

I'd love to live at Beaver Barracks

You know what I miss? Apartment hunting. When I was a tenant (which was pretty much my whole life, up until four years ago), I loved apartment-hunting. I wasn’t fond of moving, but I loved apartment-hunting.

There was just something exciting about exploring new places and picturing myself in them. Almost every apartment had something […]

Welcome to My Back Yard

The Shepherds of Good Hope just purchased a hotel about two blocks from my house. It will provide supportive housing for about 50 clients, including frail elderly people, people who are succeeding in the Managed Alcohol Program, and people living with mental illness.

Carlington has reacted with the predictable community rallying cry of “Not in My […]

SCAN drama at the library

I went to a community meeting at the library on Thursday night about the proposed SCAN legislation (Bill 106) introduced by Ottawa Centre MPP Yasir Naqvi. (Who, incidentally, recognized me, shook my hand, told me he had read my blog, and said his mother would be proud that I had said he was polite.)

According to […]