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The Little Wedding that Grew

GC’s brother Charlie, GC, me, and my sister Deb

GC and I originally planned on having a very small civil ceremony, maybe one step up from eloping. But during our five-month engagement we kept adding little upgrades. Like family, food, booze, cake, flowers, balloons, photographs, a poem, homemade wedding favours, cupcakes, a candle ceremony […]

Wedding countdown

My sister Deb came into town this weekend to help me shop for something to wear to my wedding (which is only 12 days away, tick tock tick tock). Unlike me, Deb’s a veteran shopper. There are some things I can buy on my own (jeans, for example, and t-shirts), but for the more complicated […]

Wedding, penis, knitting and fine arts

I wrote down all my thoughts about my visit to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, and it was a big fat mess of contradictions, so I will continue to think on it before posting the second instalment.

In other news, our favourite local quilt shop has offered to host our wedding in their shop. We were thinking of […]

Poll: The Chief's Choice

Police Chief Vern White has left the country to attend his own wedding and honeymoon. The timing is pretty awful, but he had no way of knowing in advance that his wedding date would conflict with the breaking loose of all hell for the Ottawa Police.

David Reevely says the Chief should have stayed home. That’s […]