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A whole bunch of stuff

The Baseline Cowboys raised $300 in empties and spare change for Christie Lake Kids on Wednesday! Rumour has it they’ve also volunteered to help out with Christie Lake’s cooking program. It seems everybody who meets the Baseline Cowboys has something to say about how likable they are.

Here’s a photo of them sitting in the parking lot at College Square on the couch they made out of beer cases.

In other news…I had the pleasure on Wednesday evening of meeting the self-proclaimed “next prime minister of Canada” – Sunny Newswire. I think he’s newly transplanted to Ottawa from London, Ontario. Sunny’s got a lot to say, and he loves an audience. I was a few minutes late to my meeting because of him, but it was worth it. (Tip: If you see him, stop and chat, unless you’re in a hurry, in which case don’t even make eye contact with him!)

It’s been a long time since I had any swap boxes to blog about. GC and I were on Bank Street in the Glebe the other day, buying a walking foot for GC’s sewing machine, when we came across a brand new Swap Box made by Elmaks! It made me feel happy and nostalgic.

Last night we were strolling along Clarendon and we found this swap box, which I think was made by someone other than Elmaks. It was hung quite low, so I think it’s a swap box made for the neighbourhood children.)

Today is GC’s birthday!

We started the day by waking up at 5:30 am and asking each other “What’s that noise?” Turned out there was an ambulance and two police cars idling right outside our window. A young woman was sitting on the curb and they were preparing a stretcher for her. That’s all we know.

I’ll leave you with Oboe, getting himself a little bit of lovebird lovin’.

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